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Complete modern Amiga 2017/18 (AmiKit X + RabbitHole + Windows 7)

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Author amikit_noob
#1 Posted: 11 Jun 2017 21:35 

... or the "How to use Amiga (AmiKit X) as your only modern computer, for everyday use - GUIDE!"

AmiKit X is stable and fast, runs Amiga programs/games/demos without problems, and with RabbitHole all your Windows programs can be launched from inside the AmiKit X desktop, to complete the "illusion" of having a highend Amiga, capable of doing everything!

I will show you how to:

Make your own RabbitHole "shortcuts" to your own favorite Windows (7) programs

Customize/Skin/Style your Windows programs, so they look like AmigaOS4.x programs

Make Windows programs ALWAYS "stay on top" of AmiKit X desktop (even when AmiKit X desktop is using the entire screen ("full-window"))

Skin a Windows musicplayer so it looks similiar to AmigaAMP musicplayer

Open .mp4 movie files and .pdf files, from inside AmigaOS, so the movie or document opens in a Windows program that looks like AOS4
(Because the.pdf program and .mp4 movie player in AOS can be very slow or not compatible, but this way it works great and looks like AOS4)

Replace many Windows icons with AmigaOS icons (AmigaOS icons in Windows Explorer file manager)

Replace the Windows mouse cursor with a red AmigaOS mouse cursor, including the "busy" icon of a watch with a second-hand rotating

I use this Amiga setup as my modern computer everyday, and for me the illusion is complete, I often forget that I use some Windows programs (like modern browsers), because they look and feel more like AOS4, and I launch them all from inside AmiKit X.

In this thread I will post pictures and easy to follow "Step by step" guides of how I did it

Check back once in a while as I update this thread



Author amikit_noob
#2 Posted: 11 Jun 2017 23:11 

AmiKit X + Gimp and Chrome (Win7) all looks like AOS4!

First screenshot (1920x1200):

Gimp and Chrome and musicplayer stay on top of AmiKit X desktop, even if I click on the AmiKit X desktop

(Screenshot does not show the red Amiga mouse cursor used for the Win 7 programs...)

What a cool product! AmiKit X is the best Amiga experience I ever had!


Author amikit_noob
#3 Posted: 14 Jun 2017 14:17 

Customized AmiKit.exe start window:


Author amikit_noob
#4 Posted: 1 Jul 2017 10:41 

Make your own RabbitHole shortcut to a Windows (7) program

In this example:

Install Gimp (Photoshop like image editor) in Windows (7) and launch/open Gimp from inside AmiKit X using RabbitHole:

1) Download and install Gimp in Windows (7).

Go to and click "Download directly", then install Gimp with the default settings.

Open Gimp in Windows (7) so you know that it is installed correctly and works!

2) Creating the RabbitHole icon for Gimp:

In AmiKit X, open the RabbitHole folder on the desktop.

Make sure you can see the icons in the folder:

(Right-click anywhere inside the folder or on the window border of the "RabbitHole" window, choose "View as > Icon").

Right-click on a RabbitHole icon, choose "Copy".

Right-click anywhere inside the folder, choose "Paste as"

Now a window opens, asking you to "Enter new filename or rename".

In the bottom field, delete the name, and type for instance: Gimp

Click on Copy button.

And do it again: In the bottom field, delete the name, and type:

Click on Copy button.

Right-click inside the folder or on the RabbitHole window border , choose "Cleanup".

Now you can see the icon named "Gimp" inside the RabbitHole folder.

I know this is not the correct icon for Gimp, but we can change the icon later,
to whatever AmigaOS icon you like to use for the Gimp program, but for now let's
just use the icon you copied, and focus on getting Gimp to launch from inside AmiKit X.
I will make another blog post later, showing how to change the Gimp icon to whatever AmigaOS icon you like )

3) Open Gimp from inside AmiKit X, using the RabbitHole icon

In the RabbitHole folder, right-click on your new Gimp icon.

Choose "Edit in Redit" in the dropdown menu.

(This will open the Gimp document that is linked to the Gimp icon,
which is where you will type the path to where Gimp is installed in Windows (7),
so that RabbitHole knows the correct location (the absolute path) to Gimp

Delete all the text inside the Gimp document!

Now copy the text below, and paste it inside the empty Gimp document:

C:winlaunch >NIL: "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-2.8.exe"

(You paste text in Redit by right-clicking inside Redit, choose "Edit>Paste")

Save the Gimp document: Right-click inside Redit, choose "Project>Save".

Close Redit.

Now doubleclick on your Gimp icon inside RabbitHole folder, and quickly look to the upper left corner of AmiKit X desktop, in the top Workbench bar, where it usually says "AmiKit X", there it should say: "Attempting to launch Icon-X", if it doesn't that means you did not double-click the Gimp icon correctly/fast enough, try again, and wait a couple of seconds until you see the Gimp splash screen.

Congratulations! You now have Gimp on your AMiGA!!!

4) Make Gimp use "Single Window" Mode (like Photoshop does)

Open Gimp, then in the Gimp menu, click on "Windows > Single Window Mode".

5) Force Gimp to always stay on top of AmiKit X

You can force Gimp (or ANY Windows (7) program), to ALWAYS stay on top of AmiKit X,

by using this neat little (free) program: "DeskPins 1.32".

Download: .shtml

Install DeskPins in Windows (7).

Start DeskPins program (search for it in Windows StartMenu).

Open Gimp from inside AmiKit X, so that Gimp is visible on top of AmiKit X.

On your keyboard press these keys to activate DeskPins:

Right-Ctrl + F11

This displays a "Pin", now left-click on Gimp window top border with the "Pin".

Gimp is now always on top of AmiKit X (when the "Pin" is visible on the Gimp window top border) .

To remove the "Pin" and make Gimp NOT be on top anymore:

Left-click on the "Pin" on Gimp window top border (hover on the "Pin" to see a black "X", then click on "Pin").

Gimp is now no longer on top..

Do this to every Windows program you wish to stay on top of AmiKit X.

TIP: If a Windows program still hides behind AmiKit X, even after you have made it be on top using the DeskPin "Pin", then just use the Windows keys "Alt + Tab" to un-hide the program, and it will be visible on top of AmiKit X again, and will stay on top.

Remember: DON'T use DeskPins on AmiKit X/WinUAE itself, that will make AmiKit X be on top of all other Windows programs, and that's the opposite of what we want


When a Windows (7) program is on top of AmiKit X, the mouse cursor may behave strangely, because both AmiKit X (WinUAE) and Windows (7) will try to control the mouse cursor, then only way to get around it, is to either:

Maximize the Windows program, so it uses the entire screen while you use that program
(click on the Maximize icon on the top border of the Windows program)


Resize the Windows program to be a smaller sized window, and drag that smaller window to a position on the left/right/top/bottom of the AmiKit X desktop, so the smaller Windows program window is just a little off-screen.

This will make more of the AmiKit X desktop visible, and the AmigaOS mouse cursor will behave more normal even when getting close to/behind the smaller Windows program window.

That way you can still use the AmiKit X desktop, while enjoying, for instance, a Youtube video playing in Chrome browser, resized to a smaller window size and placed just a little offscreen (but still visible on top of AmiKit X desktop all the time).

Phew! That's it for now...


Author amikit_noob
#5 Posted: 1 Jul 2017 16:14 
A good and effective way to get work done, while using both the AmigaOS and the RabbitHole Windows programs on top,

is to switch quickly between Amiga/Windows programs, using the middle wheel button on your mouse.

It untraps/releases the mouse cursor from AmigaOS, so you instantly use the Windows mouse cursor to control the Window programs.

It can be a time-saver/save you some frustration, when you don't know where the Windows mouse cursor is, after you switch from AmigaOS to Windows programs.

Use a standard affordable mouse with a middle button (Wheel) and setup WinUAE like this:

Settings>Miscellaneous>Untrap = middle button


Author amikit_noob
#6 Posted: 1 Jul 2017 23:15 
Empty post, look below for the real post
(Couldn't delete this post....)

Author amikit_noob
#7 Posted: 1 Jul 2017 23:23 
When using DeskPins, use Right-Ctrl+F12 to make the Windows program (that is visible on top of AmiKit X) always stay on top!
To make it not be on top, use Right-Ctrl+F12 again.

No need for dragging the "Pin" to the window border, much easier this way


Author amikit_noob
#8 Posted: 3 Jul 2017 13:27 

AmiKit X Launch window, customized to look more like classic Amiga:

Launch button is replaced (the other 4 buttons are not done yet, so they are blurred out...)

(Also visible are the orange Amiga Workbench 1.3 mouse cursor and TrashCan icon, replacing the default Windows7 cursor/icon

(1024x768 screenshot):


Author amikit_noob
#9 Posted: 3 Jul 2017 20:33 
Next update will be:

How to make Windows (7) programs look more like AmigaOS4 programs (the blue window border and border buttons)

So that when you launch for instance Gimp, with RabbitHole from inside AmiKit X, then Gimp will look more like AmigaOS, like in the screenshot I posted earlier:

Back soon...

Author amikit_noob
#10 Posted: 23 Jul 2017 11:16 

How to:

Make Windows (7) programs look like AmigaOS4 programs

(A Windows program, launched from inside AmiKit X, using RabbitHole, will now look like a AmigaOS4 program (the blue border look)

Get AMIGAOS-like icons on Windows.
(On your Windows desktop and in Windows folders/filemanager)

Get a red AMIGAOS mouse cursor with animated "busy" round clock.
(Like true AMIGA)


This is tested to work on a new/clean/fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate + Service Pack 1:

1) Install the program that lets you customize the look of Windows 7

Buy "WindowBlinds":

Price: $9.99

(Just WindowBlinds, you don't need the full "ObjectDesktop").

Install WindowBlinds like any other Windows program.

When starting WindowBlinds the first time, it asks for the email that you signed up with,
and the serial number/key you received in your mail, when you paid for the program!
Just enter those details and register, so WindowBlinds is fully functional always.

2) Add the AmigaOS4 look to WindowBlinds program

Download the "AmigaOS4.wba" file here:

(Click the green Download button)

Start WindowBlinds program
(if the program is already started, but hidden, then find the little icon (red,yellow,blue) in the taskbar
(where the Volume and Clock icons are) and doubleclick the icon).

Find your downloaded "AmigaOS4.wba" file on your harddisk,
doubleclick the file, now WindowsBlinds will show a message: "New skin added".

Now in WindowBlinds, when you click the "Style" button on the top left, you can see all the included skins/styles,
and if you scroll down you will find a screenshot of your AmigaOS4 skin.

Click one time on the AmigaOS4 screenshot, it now displays: "AmigaOS4 by Spinal" in the top of WindowsBlinds..
In "Substyles" you can choose a default large startbutton (large AMIGA logo) or small/compact startbutton (smaller AMIGA logo)

When satisfied, click "Apply style to desktop" button, wait a couple of moments until WindowBlinds have customized the look of Windows.
You can now minimize or just close WindowBlinds program, the AmigaOS4 look will still be visible.

Most programs will look like AmigaOS4 right away, but you may need to restart Windows for the full effect to work on all programs.
Some programs like GoogleChrome may need to be started a couple of times before it registers the new AMIGAOS4 look.

Please use the very latest version of Google Chrome:

Please disable ANY other Chrome theme you may have added, by restoring Chrome to the default theme:
In GoogleChrome Version 59.0.3071.115 (32Bit) this can be done like so:

type or paste this in the URL field:


(press Enter)

This opens the Options/Settings of Chrome:

in Appearance > Theme click the "Reset to default theme" button (or something similar)

This should instantly make Chrome use the AmigaOS4 look, but maybe you need to close/restart Chrome,
or restart Windows itself first.

But then it should work!

Try older versions of Firefox, Seamonkey browsers, if the latest/newest version doesn't work with the AMIGAOS4 look!

3) Replacing default Windows icons with AMIGAOS-like icons

Buy "IconPackager":

Price: $9.99
Download/Install like any other Windows program.

Start IconPackager, enter the email you signed up with when you paid for IconPackager!
Enter the serialnumber/key you received after you paid for IconPackager!

Download the "AMIGAOS4.ip" icon file:

(Click green Download button)

Find the file on your harddisk, doubleclick it, this will add the icons to IconPackager program!

In IconPackager program, click "Packages" button on top left.

You should see the "AmigaOS4 by Unknown" button package.

Click "Apply icons to my desktop" button.

Wait for it to finish updating the Windows icons.

Then close IconPackager program.

You may need to restart Windows for the full effect to work!

4) Replace Windows mouse cursor/pointer with AMIGAOS mouse cursor/pointer

This will give you a red mouse pointer/cursor/arrow, similar to AmigaOS 2.x,/3.x
including an animated "wait/busy" round clock with spinning second-hand inside the clock
(only spinning second-hand, when Windows is really working hard/being slow,
so you may not see the animated spinning second-hand in lightweight daily use

Download mouse cursor/pointer/arrow here:

Click grey Download button.

Find the "" file on your harddisk, unzip/extract it.
You will see these files:

Amiga1 (cursor)
AmigaHelp (Cursor)
busy_anim (Animated Cursor)
wait_anim (Animated Cursor)

Copy/paste these 4 files into the Cursors folder in Windows:

Now open "Mouse Properties" in Windows:

Click Start Button, in Search field, type: mouse look

Click the link that says "Change how the mouse pointer looks"

In Mouse Properties, click the "Pointers" tab.

In Scheme, choose "None".

In Customize:

Click on "Normal Select", then click "Browse"

This should open C:\Windows\Cursors folder (if not then manually find that folder)

Choose Amiga1, click Open.

Click Apply (Now you have a red Amiga mouse pointer/arrow!)

Now for the rest of them:

Click "Help Select", click "Browse"

choose AmigaHelp, click Open.

Click "Working In Background", click "Browse":

choose busy_anim, Click Open

Click "Busy", Click "Browse":

choose wait_anim, Click Open.

Now Save the new cursors:

In Scheme, Click "Save As..."

enter a name, Click OK.

Click OK.

(Restart Windows if red AMIGA mouse cursor is not visible, and if after restart it's still not visible, then open Mouse Properties again, and just choose your newly created cursors in Scheme, and click on the name you gave your AMIGA cursors, click Apply, Click OK.)


Hope this will keep you Amiga guys happy for a bit, until next blogpost


Author AmiKit
#11 Posted: 23 Jul 2017 13:21 
Good job!

Author amikit_noob
#12 Posted: 24 Jul 2017 11:54 
Thanks, I appreciate it

Feedback is always welcome
(a lot of time for "trial-and-error" testing, goes into making my guides, before I post the "how to do it" solution)


Author amikit_noob
#13 Posted: 29 Jul 2017 12:34 


Amiga demos forced to run in a smaller and draggable window on the AmigaOS/AmiKitX desktop,

(so you can use other Amiga programs, while the demo is running in a smaller window,
instead of taking over the entire Amiga with a fullscreen demo!)


READ THE GUIDE HERE (Go to post #6 in my other topic):


Author amikit_noob
#14 Posted: 3 Sep 2017 21:20 
Next update will be:

1) How to use a RabbitHole musicplayer that looks like AmigaAMP player, but can stream internet radio and play mp3 with no lag or slowdown (if your AmigaOS musicplayer is too slow, because of a too slow host computer, then this will be a good solution, and looks like a Amiga program!)

2) How to use a RabbitHole movie player to open .mp4 (or any) movie file and play with no lag, and the player can be skinned.

3) How to use a RabbitHole browser to view .pdf files (easy and fast).
(Because the.pdf program in AOS can be very slow or not compatible with modern .pdf files, but this way it works great with modern .pdf files and the program looks like AOS4)

Back later...


Author alanwall

#15 Posted: 6 Sep 2017 02:04 
How did you manage that ?
I have been trying to mod it with little luck
Any way here is a link to some of my mods/screen grabs :

I also use Windowblinds and several of their other products
If you look at several of the images above,you will notice that I like
round icons.Guess it's that boing ball thing !
Most I converted from a Linux icon set called Sphere and got an OK from the author to
convert to Amiga and Windows
Seems you have taken to AmiKit with a fervor and that good for all of us

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 Complete modern Amiga 2017/18 (AmiKit X + RabbitHole + Windows 7)

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