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AmiKit & Retaining Amiga File Attributes

Author BebertBocal_1
#1 Posted: 18 Jul 2013 04:48 
I have the intention of preserving lots of Amiga stuff but I suspect I might run into problems when trying to retain the Amiga file attributes of those files that are inside Amiga archives such as .lha and .lzx that I might extract. I have started a thread about this at where I got plenty of useful advice on how to avoid problems with Amiga file attributes.

I also asked about AmigaOS at which is where AmiKit was recommended to be used with the AmigaOS. That's why I came here Anyway, I'm not familiar with how AmiKit works so I wonder whether I might encounter problems with Amiga file attributes if I do as follows:

1) Install AmiKit
2) Use AmigaOS 3.9 CD with the AmiKit & install both BoingBags
3) Create an .hdf file inside which I have my Amiga archives
4) Use AmiKit & whatever extractors that are reliable to extract my archives inside the .hdf file (which is a virtual Amiga HD)
5) Use Windows in order to make a copy of the .hdf file, and move the copy to some folder
6) Install WinUAE on Windows
7) Install AmigaOS 3.9 on an Amiga emulated by the WinUAE that I just installed
8) Use the AmigaOS 3.9 to take a look at the contents of the .hdf file

Would the right Amiga file attributes be there once I explore the contents of the .hdf file with the AmigaOS 3.9 that I have installed on an Amiga emulated by WinUAE?

If you look at the thread about AmigaOS that I linked to above, you'll see that once I raised this problem with Amiga file attributes, I was told that there wouldn't be any while using AmiKit. I have no doubts about that but as far as I have understood, the file attributes are saved in some AmiKit-specific files. So, if I move files between my AmiKit and an AmigaOS that is installed on an Amiga emulated by WinUAE, I wonder whether AmigaOS 3.9 would understand the AmiKit files where the file attributes are preserved.

At least with the information that I have, files should not be moved with Windows between the folders that belong to AmiKit and the directories that are mounted on an AmigaOS installed on an Amiga emulated by WinUAE. The way I have understood it, this is due to the Windows NTFS partition losing the Amiga file attributes and Windows messing up those filenames that it doesn't support. However, using an .hdf file like in the example above could remedy the whole problem as I think the .hdf can be moved from AmiKit to some AmigaOS folder with any Windows that is installed on an NTFS partition because the .hdf it is just a hard-drive file... but I'm not entirely sure!

Miscellaneous topics AmiKit Support Forum / Miscellaneous topics /
 AmiKit & Retaining Amiga File Attributes

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