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AmiKit for Amithlon

Author Anonymous
#1 Posted: 16 Dec 2005 17:35 
Please I want to ahve my hands on AmiKit for Amithlon if possible, it doesn't feel like a real thing if it is not on an Amithlon machine. Any idea when you
will support Amithlon machine? It must be real native Amithlon however, not emulated into Amithlon and thus all these ugly uaf resolution will be gone and replaced with whatever RTG graphics card you have. That would be awesome really.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 16 Dec 2005 19:04 
Like I said before, I need someone skilled in Amithlon first. I am not very familiar with this system so it's nearly impossible for ME to adjust AmiKit for Amithlon. So if you feel like you're the chosen one then do not hesitate to contact me by email in order to help me out with this issue...

Author Anonymous
#3 Posted: 17 Dec 2005 21:04 
Here's some pointers:

I still haven't been able to run AmiKit but I presume it will ask
for the system files at first boot? Amithlon includes a system
partition called 'amithlon_hd' that is reset-proof (it's a bit like a
RAD-disk), which contains a minimal OS 3.9 installation).
I don't know what system files are required for AmiKit, but if it's just
a few system files it would be ideal to just copy the system files
off the amithlon_hd partition.

Other things to note:

- The startup-sequence has some specific Amithlon-
related stuff that needs to be run

- The monitor driver 'powerfb' in DEVS:Monitors and the
screenmode.prefs in ENV: must be used as screenmode.

One problem could be that there are more monitor drivers
and thus other ModeIDs... could cause a black screen :-/

- The AHI driver, same problem there. There are a number
of drivers available for Amithlon.

Well... :) I guess Amithlon is very much a like the Classic Amigas,
so in a way, some of the same problems getting it to work on
there, is also present in the Amithlon version.

Author Anonymous
#4 Posted: 22 Dec 2005 18:21 
Any luck Amikit? Was the pointer helpful?

Author AmiKit
#5 Posted: 22 Dec 2005 18:47 
I am sorry but I have no time to do any Amithlon thingy these days... My time is very limited therefore I would be happy if someone can adjust AmiKit to Amithlon by himself completely, I've already found two people willing to do this, so Amithlon version is one step closer, however I think this will be the long-distance run anyway...

Author Truck
#6 Posted: 24 Dec 2005 01:25 
boy am I confused... how is running under Amithlon not emulation? It's not a real amiga, it's an emulated amiga running under a special linux config...

Author Anonymous
#7 Posted: 24 Dec 2005 15:51 
I just thought that amithlon is os 3.9 line winuae with the exception of the screenoutput that is all O_O

Author pixie
#8 Posted: 18 Feb 2006 23:40 
boy am I confused... how is running under Amithlon not emulation? It's not a real amiga, it's an emulated amiga running under a special linux config...
He might be talking about RTG... but Amithlon has some 'native' code in it... altough it doesn't seem that's what the first Anonymous talked

Author Anonymous
#9 Posted: 7 Apr 2006 14:27 
It's not the same as the installer doing the work but you can get Amikit to work under Amithlon...
Install Amikit under UAE
Start UAE under Amikit ( having set up UAE to see your current Amithlon WB partition )
Copy the Amithlon specific files across to the Amikit install by hand.
Add Amithlon specific bits to s:system-startup file.
Copy the lot back to a bootable Amithlon partition.
( You did make backups didn't you? ;) )
Boot into Amithlon & get ready for lots of errors!
Note what errors you get & back to UAE/Amikit to fix them. ( This may need to be done a few times )
Tips - 1) I found getting Picasso96 to function again under Amithlon was most easily done by running the p96 installer followed by the Amithlon updates.
2) The boot screen is tricky - just turn it off unless you like fiddling...
3) I know it's necessary given the nature of Amikit, but I find its system-startup file very hard to follow - be very careful what you change!
4) Ahi will need some fiddling with - not much if you copied the correct files.
I hope this is of some use. If anyone has specific questions it will have to wait until my pute is repaired ( caught fire!! )


What I don't get is my copy of DopusMII lets me change the icon-rendering options ( RTG etc ) but these are greyed-out in the Amikit version.

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 AmiKit for Amithlon

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