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Split Installation across Workbench and Work partitions

Author jewithers
#1 Posted: 25 Jun 2021 04:15 
In the past I generally would only install the OS, Tools and Utilities on the Workbench SYS: partition. Apps otherwise would be on the Work: partition. That way i could re-install the OS without needing to do much with the other apps. It would be nice if during the installation we could decide to have the installation use a split partition approach. It could be managed with an assign command to point to a different partition.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 2 Jul 2021 00:25 
Yes, back in the times I had similar setup. One partition for OS, the other one for apps. However such split was just a fiction. Many apps installed their custom gadgets, libraries, catalogs and many other files onto the OS partition. If you later erased the OS partition and installed a clean OS there, the apps located on the other partition stopped working... because their custom files were not on the OS partition anymore, you know.

I have a suggestion AmiKit Support Forum / I have a suggestion /
 Split Installation across Workbench and Work partitions

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