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Intuition library 45 in OS 3.1.4

Author jewithers
#1 Posted: 20 Mar 2021 04:18 

I created a modified Kickstart for OS 3.1.4 as per the Vampire guide so I no longer need to use Loadmodule during startup. It seems this is something that is not checked fir during upgrades, so i have to keep commenting out the loadmodule command. Is this something that could be taken into account in the startup scripts as i -lannec on injecting it into the core?

Here how I prepared the Kickstart.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 20 Mar 2021 13:19 
With all due respect, don't do everything what Apollo recommends ;)

First, everybody in Amiga world expects Kickstart to be the original one. By modifying it you are just creating unnecessary problems for yourself (and this thread is just a proof of that).

Second, the intuition.library 45 is not the only library loaded by LoadModule in AmiKit with OS3.1.4. It also loads icon.library on startup. That means that even if you inject the intuition library to ROM, the LoadModule will still be used for icon.library.

If you really insist on using such modified and unofficial ROM, edit S:Startup-LoadModule script in AmiKit and remove the "intuition.library" part from the OS3.1.4 line, but keep the icon.library there. Just be advised that if a new AmiKit update arrives, it might overwrite the Startup-LoadModule script.

Author jewithers
#3 Posted: 20 Mar 2021 14:00 
Thanks, that is exactly what I have done as a work around. Yes, it does get removed during an upgrade.

I will see about grabbing the original 3.1.4 kickstart as I only have a physical chip. To grab it I have been needing to remove the Vampire and boot with a vanilla 8mb memory card. A pain, but doable. Sadly I forgot to save my original file.

It is ok however to update the vampire core with the 3.1.4 Kickstart, right?

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 23 Mar 2021 11:55 
Hi, what do you mean by "update the vampire core with the 3.1.4 Kickstart" ?

Generally speaking, for AmiKit you have to use the ROM that matches your installed OS. If you have installed OS 3.1.4, use Kickstart ROM 3.1.4.

Regardless of which ROM is included in the Vampire core, AmiKit maps its own ROM from AmiKit:Expansion/InstallFiles folder.

Btw. if you registered your OS 3.1.4, you can download the OS archive (including ROM) directly from Hyperion website.

I have a suggestion AmiKit Support Forum / I have a suggestion /
 Intuition library 45 in OS 3.1.4

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