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Amikit for AROS

Author Anonymous
#1 Posted: 10 Jul 2006 23:43 

Would you be interested in supporting Amikit for AROS? AROS have UAE, soon we will get UAE GUI for it also. I believe Amikit should be quite easy to run on AROS once the GUI is in place. But for time being, it would be quite painful to install it.

Does Amikt run on *NIX UAE or mac? If so, do you have any tip on how to set up the .conf file? And would a copy of the windows version work on AROS?

Thanks a million for Amikt!

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 11 Jul 2006 11:25 
Sure I would be interested in running AmiKit under AROS. However I cannot manage this by myself due to my limited time. But I am ready to provide knowledge, support, files, etc. to anyone who wants to do that.

I've never tested AmiKit on enything else but WinUAE. But I think it's not much work to adjust it for Amithlon, "real" thing or anything else.

The most easy way how to test it is to install AmiKit on PC. Install the AmigaOS files as well. Then put whole package to ZIP and move it to eg. AROS. You might disable whole WBStartup and few things from Startup-Sequence like LoadModule, ShowAmiga96, AfA_OS_Loader, etc. for better compatibility with the host system.

Author faoxhom
#3 Posted: 30 Apr 2024 21:25 
Dobrý deň. Najlepšou možnosťou na nákup Sádrokartonové skrutky je tento internetový obchod, ktorý má široký výber tohto typu skrutiek. Každý výrobok má podrobný popis, ktorý vám pomôže dozvedieť sa viac o ich použití, životnosti a kvalite materiálov. So znalosťou týchto informácií si budete môcť vybrať tie najlepšie skrutky.

I have a suggestion AmiKit Support Forum / I have a suggestion /
 Amikit for AROS

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