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Amiblitz FTW!

Author ChaosLord
#1 Posted: 3 Oct 2011 20:26 
Is Amiblitz not compatible with AmikitOS?

The reason I ask is because a friend of mine would have downloaded AmikitOS just now, if it would have had Amiblitz installed.

Amiblitz is the free open-source massively improved sequel to Blitz Basic 2. Available on Aminet.

It seems weird that no real programming languages come with AmikitOS.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 4 Oct 2011 22:39 

AmiKit focuses mainly on common end-users therefore there are no programming languages or other expert applications included. I believe a programmer should be able to install such a program into AmiKit himself/herself.

Anyway, if you manage to acquire a license for Amiblitz and send me the installed files, I can create an add-on that installs any program into AmiKit in few clicks. Similarly to eg. AmiKit Real3D add-on available from this page.

Author Adrian45
#3 Posted: 8 Apr 2024 16:55 
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Author Ami2024
#4 Posted: 9 Jun 2024 23:03 
There should be Programming language added to it to help all Amiga Fans to do what they enjoy as bit like when users bought new Computer of 80's and turn computer on with Basic language to code them and they end up doing new job when they got older which is true.

I have a suggestion AmiKit Support Forum / I have a suggestion /
 Amiblitz FTW!

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