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Printing on HPLaserJet6MPlus through AmiKIT?

Author djnykk
#1 Posted: 22 Jun 2009 02:08 

I have installed 2 AmiKITs on 2 Acer laptops and would like on one of them to give father to use it for Typing & Printing in PageStream. I installed everything and PageStream4+ works great [I had some small gfx probs because of window skins, but when I moved a bit all windows and snapshot them, there were no probs at all with GUI].

The question would be:

- Can I connect HPLaserJet6MPlus [it has 10MB and postscript] on Laptop through PARALLEL-TO-USB cable and then print documents from PageStream and its PostScript module?

The second question:
- What will be the best way to exchange Amiga files between AmiKIT on Laptop and real Amiga 1200 towered [with OS3.9, bvision, ppc and 160mb ram]? Maybe some connection with Something-To-USB? or so.

On my real Amiga I have also PC formatted HD in a drawer case [old IDE hard disk, from 2003, with flat-plane cable] so I can transfer files on it. Or you know a better way how to exchage files? For example, if printing fails from laptop, I could send files from Amikit to Amiga on some other way? Yes, I can burn a CD or DVD, but I can`t bring files back [as my CD/DVD case on real AMiga can not burd CD/DVDs as software does not recognize CD driver]...

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 23 Jun 2009 21:59 
Since I have no experience with printing, please follow these links for more information: (Tips -> Hints for Power Users section)

With regards to the file transfer between real Amiga (with no USB ports) and AmiKit, the simplest solution would be to use rewritable CD.
It is also possible to install the Amiga HDD into PC and mount it in WinUAE/Hard Drives settings.
Another possibility would be to use commercial AmigaExplorer program.

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Printing on HPLaserJet6MPlus through AmiKIT?

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