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moving programs/dirs from AmigaForever

Author alanwall

#1 Posted: 30 Jan 2006 20:56 
here's my problem. I have had AmigaForever for ages and it runs just how I
want.I have copied AmIRC 2-have a key for it-over to AmiKit-I renamed the old AmIRC dir-and it won't run.Tried the same thing with Image Engineer
but it does start but with out any of the menus.Do I have to change the rwed permisions ?

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 30 Jan 2006 21:36 
hmm... sometimes the manual copying is not enough. The program probably needs an assign... (take a look into S:User-Startup of your AmigaForever and compare it to AmiKit's user-startup).

Moreover, during the installation of various programs, some files are often copied into other location (eg. LIBS: FONTS: C: or ENVARC: etc. I mean into other than programs home-drawer location. Therefore if you manually copy ONLY this home-drawer to other system, the program won't work under the new system, you know.

Therefore I would recommend to use installer when installing programs to AmiKit. Just make a fresh new installation of your AmIRC2 and Image Engineer into AmiKit (the same way as you did a time ago into your AmigaForever).

Then you can manually copy the programs' configuration files from AmigaForever to AmiKit, together with the AmIRC keyfile... btw. or try WookieChat ;)

Author alanwall

#3 Posted: 2 Feb 2006 05:38 
ok I tried with Image Engineer and got it working
Thanks ! :)

Author alanwall

#4 Posted: 5 Feb 2006 22:15 
ok every thing seems to be working
great after I was able to spend some
time with it.Got Yam/Amirc and several
other things copied/working :)
Sure helps having a 200 gig usb hd to
copy/move files from the desktop >

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 moving programs/dirs from AmigaForever

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