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Force positioning for FTP Lister

Author andyhants
#1 Posted: 9 Jun 2022 19:37 
I'm running the AmiKit X distro & when i go into FTPConnect & select a site I want to force the resulting Lister to position in a specific location on the desktop. Currently it seems to default to the bottom right. I've tried Snapshotting but to no effect. Can anyone advise please?

I suspect its kind of Dopus 5-related but tried asking the question on the AMiga Dopus 5 Sourceforge page & have been studiously ignored for an impressive 10 months now.

I would be immensely grateful if anyone can advise how to get the FTP Lister to re-position to a custom screen location - its pretty much the last thing on my Amiga environment wish list now (apart from the final remnants of non-flashing cursors).


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 9 Jun 2022 23:03 
Hello, I just spent the last hour trying to find some solution but I failed, unfortunately. The FTP lister position is not saved no matter what I tried.

Perhaps an AREXX script could help telling the DOpus to open the FTP in the already opened lister instead of opening it in a new lister. But still, that would require an extra clicks. First you open a local folder - which opens in your preferred size and position - and in this folder you double-click an Arexx script which in return connects to an FTP using the very same lister.

Author andyhants
#3 Posted: 12 Jun 2022 20:07 
ok - thanks everso for trying = really appreciate it

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Force positioning for FTP Lister

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