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Play mp3 file with Windows player

Author amikit_noob
#1 Posted: 16 Nov 2021 17:34 
Amikit X 10.5.3., Windows 7 SP1, DOpus workbench replacement

Hi, I forgot how to force an .mp3 file to open in a Windows player, like VLC/Winamp, when I double-click
the song.mp3 file in DOpus filemanager inside AmigaOS.

Right now the song.mp3 file opens in AmigaAmp player inside AmigaOS, but this slows my system down, so I need to open the song.mp3 in a Windows player....

Thank you / sorry if this has been answered before, but I forgot how...


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 16 Nov 2021 18:09 
This is a bit more complex, but not much. Since AmiKit doesn't know if the double-clicked file is on an Amiga hardfile or a regular Windows drive, it copies the files to RabbitHole:T folder - which is on the regular Windows drive for sure so the winlaunch can point the Windows program there to open it. For this you need to use my script. Just follow these steps:

Right-click and hold an .mp3 file and select "Sound, Sample MPEG". A file type settings opens. Double-click on the event called "Double-click", a new window will open. Erase any entries there. Keep the window open.

Now, on the main File Type window double-click let's say "Video, MOV" entry. Again, double-click on the event called "Double-click". A new window will open and you should see 4 entries there.

Now drag all the entries (one by one) and drop them on the empty "Sound, sample MPEG" window. Also, in Flags check only "No file quote" and uncheck everything else.

Now everything is configured, just press Use buttons to close the windows and the Save button at the end to save changes.

If you double-click any mp3 file now, the file will be copied to RabbitHole:T and played by your default Windows app.

Btw. don't worry about the RabbitHole:T folder. It gets cleaned afterward automatically.

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Play mp3 file with Windows player

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