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Shut down

Author Tomtom76
#1 Posted: 6 Aug 2021 12:12 
Hello everyone.
Recently i managed to start AmiKit on Windows 10 boot. Is it possible to shut down Windows PC automaticly if I`m shuting down AmiKit?
Sorry if i repeat previous question just couldn`t find answer.
Anyway I`m very happy with your product even my first impression wasn`t best lol. I really apreciate your hard work.
Best regards

Author amigang
#2 Posted: 6 Aug 2021 13:14 Edited by: amigang 
You could buy my Amilion App that has this feature

But you could also either enter this code into the shell
C:winlaunch >NIL: Shutdown /S

Or create a IconX button with similar code so one click and it shuts down

Author AmiKit
#3 Posted: 6 Aug 2021 18:21 
You can edit the following script:


and instead of C:UAEQuit line enter the command AmigaNG wrote above. That way you can shut down your computer using the startbar's Shut Down entry.

Author Tomtom76
#4 Posted: 7 Aug 2021 02:07 
Works perfectly. Thank you very much

Author Tomtom76
#5 Posted: 7 Aug 2021 16:16 
Any advice how to get rid of Windows 10 splash screen? Basicly I don`t wanna see Windows at all lol. I understand its not AmiKit problem but maybe someone manage it and can give me advice or link(s) how to do it. I just basicly wanna kind of AmiKit for RaspberryPi. Self booting but on top of Windows. Any advice will be really precious for me. Thank you Jan & Co.

Author AmiKit
#6 Posted: 7 Aug 2021 17:17 
Hello! Try this:

I've never tried it myself so no guarantee there.

Author Tomtom76
#7 Posted: 7 Aug 2021 17:27 Edited by: Tomtom76 
Ha! I try that before and no fun lol But thanks anyway Admin
Maybe my questions are too difficult to answer

Author alanwall

#8 Posted: 14 Aug 2021 04:57 
go here : C:\Windows\Web and add a pic you want to use and delete the rest ?
On a side note, if you want an Amiga style screen saver, the juggler, get it here:

and Tomtom could you share the file/registry value that you used to boot right into AmiKit ?
I saw this hack before but never got around to try it and never found it again. If I recall, it was just 1 line in the registry.
Thanks !

Author Tomtom76
#9 Posted: 14 Aug 2021 13:34 Edited by: Tomtom76 

I can`t remember precisely right now but wasn`t complicated.
First you need to do is autostart your AmiKit config
Than add it to Windows boot programs. That`s what I can`t remember. I can`t even check what I done cos i fallow this :
Last post. Now I need repair my PC hahaha. Maybe it works only with Windows XP or I done something wrong. So be carefull. I`m not taking any responsibility. Good luck anyway. Maybe you me or someone else finally will manage and share it
Try this. I will soon again lol

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Shut down

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