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Creating additional 6GB SFS HDF for use with AmiKit

Author AmigaAK
#1 Posted: 20 Jul 2020 02:44 Edited by: AmigaAK 
I recently purchased AmiKit, installed like a dream, and very happy with it.

Just one issue which I need some help with.

I would like to create an additional 6GB hard drive file via WinUAE to format as SFS.

I have created the 6GB hard drive file using the CREATE option in the configuration hard drive settings and used the SFS option available.
I can get the drive to appear in Amikit as NDOS, so it requires formatting.
I can format the drive using SFSformat from the Amiga Shell.

and this is where the issue starts...

Although if you use the disk information option available from the workbench menu - it shows a 5.9 GB drive.
If you open the window for the drive, it only shows 1.9GB free even though it should be 5.9!
If I use the disk information option from within DOPUS it will also show correctly 5.9 and SFS.
But if I view the drive in DOPUS it will show it as a 1.9 GB disk?

Clearly I have done something wrong, but I can't see where I have gone wrong, any help appreciated.

Thanks again for an excellent product, hope you can help resolve this issue.

AmiKit version: XE, Windows, and Amiga OS 3.9

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 20 Jul 2020 11:37 
Hi AmigaAK and welcome to Support Forum!

I have two good news for you The first - you're not doing anything wrong. And the second - your disk is really 6GB large!

It's just good old DOpus not showing the large disk size right. I just tested 6GB hardfile here and when I used MorpheuZ > "Desktop Replacement" to switch to Workbench or Scalos, both of them showed 6GB.

Author AmigaAK
#3 Posted: 20 Jul 2020 13:04 
Thanks for the quick response and I have just checked this and it is correct if viewed with Scalos! No wonder I was confused!

Just a quick question with regard to creating a Dynamic HDF, which I am also experimenting with. I have successfully done this, but I notice in the configuration for the hard drives in WinUAE if you look under where the HD Controller options are, there are two lines of text which state the number of blocks etc. When you look at the AmiKit.hdf it shows RDSK on the 2nd line first part before all the numbers, but when I view my created hdf it shows SFS? Everything seems to work, so probably nothing to worry about, but just wondered why the difference?

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 20 Jul 2020 13:11 
Hi, I guess it's OK. As far as I remember I created the hardfile using HDToolBox and then just attached it to WinUAE and enabled Full RDB mode. Dynamic hardfile is fine solution, just remember it is not compatible with other emulators like FS-UAE.

Author AmigaAK
#5 Posted: 20 Jul 2020 13:41 
Thanks for the update, will continue as is, and see how it goes !

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Creating additional 6GB SFS HDF for use with AmiKit

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