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Moving installation to another computer

Author Morbeous
#1 Posted: 24 Jun 2020 19:23 
Is there a way to move the installation to another computer? I tried moving it to my laptop by copying the complete amikit directory but all I get is amikit filling half a screen. In winaue I have set the resolution to that of my desktop and I've also changed the resolution in screenprefs but still it onky fills half a screen

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 24 Jun 2020 23:49 
Hello! Usually it is enough just to move the folder. But check Paths section in WinUAE config - they should all point to AmiKit folder except the Configurations which should point to AmiKit\WinUAE\Configurations. Or you might want to click "Reset to defaults" button there.

If it doesn't help, here's another approach. Install fresh new AmiKit on your new computer (without installing AmigaOS) and then just copy AmiKit\AmiKit\AmiKit.hdf file from your old computer to your new computer. That file includes all of your Amiga files.

Hope it helps?

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Moving installation to another computer

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