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Unfortunately, AmiKit has stoppd.

Author robbhar

#1 Posted: 27 Feb 2015 18:47 
Getting this message on a Asus TF701T after running AmiKit. All files downloaded ok, using default settings. The screen with "change Device Configuration" shows just before the program dies. Android version 4.4.2.

Author Lubomyr
#2 Posted: 27 Feb 2015 21:50 
Can you post android log after attempt of run ?

Author robbhar

#3 Posted: 3 Mar 2015 01:21 
Where does the log live? I will send it ASAP.

Author Lubomyr
#4 Posted: 4 Mar 2015 00:35 
For capture log you can use application:
CatLog or aLogcat or others.
search for events: sk.amiga.amikit

for example
1) run catlog and type in searh field "sk.amiga.amikit"
2) press home button
3) try run AmiKit
4) (after app stopped) via task manager return to catlog
You will see displayed all events with tag "sk.amiga.amikit"
5) via catlog menu press save
log will be saved at catlog/saved_logs/ directory
or you can send via menu log directly on my e-mail
my e-mail address you can find at

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Unfortunately, AmiKit has stoppd.

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