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Dedicated amikit emulation pc - questions about boosting performance.

Author haywirepc
#1 Posted: 11 Oct 2009 15:00 
I installed amikit on a spare pc to be sort of a dedicated amiga. I plan to use it for games, older 3d amiga stuff and whatever.

The old doorstop pc being concerted is a 1200mhz amd, a compaq actually.
I thought that would be plenty for this but it seems a bit slow. I mean its not slow, just not as snappy as I'd hoped it would be, or is on my 3ghz main windows pc.

On the old 1.2 ghz machine its okay, but I wonder if I can't get it a bit snappier with some tweaks, and can someone help me with tips and tricks to tune both windows and amikit for a bit better performance?

Amkit runs nicely with a stripped down windows xp install, but does anyone know how I can squeeze the windows xp host down to procide maximum cup power to amikit?

Interestingly, I had been using the built in video card, amkit ran crappy so I put in an agp accellerated card with gpu, now its much better but still I think I could get better performance out of it if I trimmed down all of windows.

I know I can use amikit as shell, but can you get back to a windows desktop if need be (to fix something) once you do that?

Is there a way to remoce some of the eye candy from amikit so the system will run better?

And one last thing, how can I remove the window decations and just have standard windows like os3.9? I mean, you know, oldschool window frames is what I'd prefer, and I imagine this would speed things uip.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts, I am immensely enjoying this pc.
Who would have thought a pc could be so much fun, I guess it just needed amikit!


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 2 Nov 2009 20:43 
I don't think it would be possible to tune up windows in order to get better performance for AmiKit. This is matter of raw CPU power mainly.

But it was reported that Norton 360 antivirus slows AmiKit down considerably. Therefore the only tip to run AmiKit faster is to disable background programs like antivirus, antispam, defrag, etc. etc. that might slow AmiKit down (or WinUAE to be precise).

Or you can try to increase the priority of WinUAE (the settings are located in Pri. & Extensions section of WinUAE configuration).

Another possibility is to give the WinUAE the maximal power of PC CPU. To do so, move the CPU Idle slider to the most left position. The slider is located in WinUAE/CPU section. It should be set like that in default AmiKit installation.

Back in the times when PCs were very slow, I noticed a noticeable difference in speed between Workbench and Magellan where Magellan was slower. You can switch to Workbench desktop using the MorpheuZ tool located on AmiKit desktop.

To remove the window borders eye candy, disable Birdie in startup-sequence. You might also want to disable VisualPrefs responsible for various GUI modifications in AmiKit.

To speed things up, disabling TrueType fonts will help for sure. Again, use MorpheuZ to do that.

Hope this helps.

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 Dedicated amikit emulation pc - questions about boosting performance.

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