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V1.37 to 1.4 update problem

Author TrevorDick
#1 Posted: 10 Nov 2007 01:14 

Traveling away from home at the moment and using another computer which already had 1.37 installed. D/L the 1.37 to 1.40 update and executed the file. Started AmiKit and the workbench screen open to a shell window displaying files being de-archived as I watched. There were a lot of errors, files full etc?? so I stopped the process and shutdown Amikit. When I restart Amikit the splash screen indicates in v1.37 but LiveUpdate says it's 1.4. A requester informs me that the prefs file can't be found. The main amidock type toolbar has disappeared, there is no backdrop picture on the workbench and many of the desktop icons are displaced. In other words I've screwed up the update. I re-ran the 1.4 update but the problem remains. What's the best way to retrieve the situation other than a complete 1.4 installation from scratch? Help!!


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 10 Nov 2007 08:59 Edited by: AmiKit 
Hello Trevor, don't panic!

The error messages you mentioned were no real error messages, actually. Let me explain. The text output of LZX unpacker seems to be confused when unpacking files with zero size. In this case the LZX displays inappropriate error message: Error writing to disk. Disk full?. However the files themselves are unpacked correctly. No need to worry.

When I was preparing the update I had two possibilities. To hide the text output of the unpacker completely (like I did with all the previous AmiKit updates) or to show the output. I decided to display the output because this particular update archive is very large and its unpacking takes much time - and if there's no output to the screen it could look like the AmiKit had frozen and the update doesn't work, you know.

Anyway, the fix of the unfinished update process is very simple. It is enough to apply the update again but before you do so, make sure the AmiKit thinks it's still 1.3.7 version.

Edit the following file:


and change its content from 140 to 137. Save the changes and quit the emulation. Now apply the 137to140 update again and everything should be fine.

Author TrevorDick
#3 Posted: 10 Nov 2007 16:45 
Thanks Jan,

Fix was very simple as you suggested. All working now!


Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 V1.37 to 1.4 update problem

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