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Newb cannot find ISO in installation with AmiKit & AmigaForever

Author mickrooster
#1 Posted: 26 Nov 2017 11:17 
Just bought AmiKit and found out needed ISO, so bought Amiga Forever.
Installation instructions just say ... Find and select the ISO image and click "Open". (I'd suggest the instructions instructed a bit more here)
I can't seem to find this in the Amiga Forever installed directories or the AmiKit ones.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 26 Nov 2017 11:20 
Hi and welcome to AmiKit forum.

First of all, I need to know what host system you use. Because the installation is a bit different depending on whether you installing AmiKit on Windows or Mac or Linux.


Author amikit_noob
#3 Posted: 26 Nov 2017 11:36 Edited by: amikit_noob 

You can create the ISO file yourself using AmigaForever

Install AmigaForever
Open AmigaForever
In the top menu go to: Tools > Build Image
Just leave the default settings
(in Content choose: Applications, Demoscene, Systems, Games)
Click the Build button

Wait for it to create the .ISO file for you.

Then when AmiKit asks for the .iso file, just find it on your harddisk and continue the installation.

OR like this:
When Amikit gives you a choice between using the ISO or the "already installed AmigaForever", just choose "already installed AmigaForever", that worked better for me

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 26 Nov 2017 11:49 
First time you start AmiKit there is a grey screen asking for a source of AmigaOS.

On Windows, besides the other choices, you can select "Amiga Forever ISO" or "Amiga Forever Installed" option. The second one imports the files almost instantly providing Amiga Forever is installed on your Windows.

On Mac and Linux, there's no "Amiga Forever Installed" option as the Amiga Forever cannot be installed on Mac or Linux. But you can still select "Amiga Forever ISO". It's just you need to create the ISO first as Amiga Forever is delivered as Windows Installer .msi file and not as .iso file. To do so, please read the AmiKit Quick Guide - Requirements (page 3, bottom).

Author mickrooster
#5 Posted: 26 Nov 2017 11:54 
I'm in!
I used the AmgiaForever Build ISO option - Thanks All!

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 Newb cannot find ISO in installation with AmiKit & AmigaForever

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