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Android: Keep getting internal error

Author amig2k16
#1 Posted: 21 Dec 2014 04:35 Edited by: amig2k16 
I have everything setup properly as far as i can tell, trying to install amigaos 3.5 but no take. It goes to install then saus workbench 3.1/c/execute file not executable. Help please using amikit 1.8.1.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 21 Dec 2014 20:14 
Hi, it seems like the file attributes of OS3.5 have been lost when copying to Android.
Do you have a possibilty to try different source of system files like Amiga Forever, for instance.
I hope Lubomyr, the author of AmiKit port for Android, can help here as I have already left for vacation and have no access to AmiKit computer.

Author Lubomyr
#3 Posted: 23 Dec 2014 17:25 
As i remember "internal error" mostly appear on finish of installation.
Do you tried to restart amikit after getting "internal error" ?

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 Android: Keep getting internal error

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