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ANDROID: Cannot get Amikit 1.7 to setup on Android Nexus 10 Tablet... need help...

Author Malakie
#1 Posted: 29 Nov 2014 01:16 
I purchased the Amiga forever essentials, installed it then downloaded and tried to install Amikit 1.7 for android. However it never finds the roms or any other files.

I am wondering if this is due to the just released lollipop update for Android... which so far I am not really liking much... Anyhow, anyone else have this working on a lollipop updated tablet?

Author Lubomyr
#2 Posted: 1 Dec 2014 14:39 
Sometimes Amikit and Amiga Forever essentials ROMS use not same storage disk for installation, It cause problem with detection kickstart-rom.

For example: internal storage and sd-card
/storage/sdcard0 and /storage/sdcard1 etc.

Try to check install path for Amikit and install path of 'Amiga Forever essentials'

Amikit used path Android/data/sk.amiga.amikit/files
Amiga forever essentials used path Android/data/com.cloanto.amigaforever.essentials/files

If 'Amiga Forever essentials' installed in another storage disk than Amikit, then try recopy it on same storage disk where installed Amikit and then detection of kickstart-roms will be works.

Author Malakie
#3 Posted: 7 Dec 2014 02:54 
Tried all that but I cannot even locate the directories anything is installed to. There is no APPS directory. The Android system just installed the new 350 meg Android update and I am thinking this is part of the issue because I cannot even locate the apps directory in the device.. I do not use an external memory card.. all internal..

Author Lubomyr
#4 Posted: 8 Dec 2014 16:32 
Try to connect your android device to PC and run 'adb logcat'
and check libSDL output events for string 'Changing curdir to'
must be something like this:

12-08 17:20:59.019: I/libSDL(15950): Changing curdir to "/storage/sdcard0/Android/data/sk.amiga.amikit/files"

Author ccapublic
#5 Posted: 17 Dec 2014 14:07 
Lollipop is probably ot thé probl?me as it works fine for me (amikit 8 nexus 7).

Maybe you can simply edit .uaerc file to point amikit to the correct path for ROM and amigaforever path ?

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 ANDROID: Cannot get Amikit 1.7 to setup on Android Nexus 10 Tablet... need help...

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