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Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /  

Drag window out of screen and programme switcher

Author Clyde
#1 Posted: 18 Feb 2008 09:29 
Hi again!

Again, 2 questions ...

1) There are not many things that I don't like about AOS, but a thing that really gets on my nerves is the fact, that I can't drag a window out of the screen. I am relatively sure that there is a tool out there which enables this function, but I can't find it. But maybe there is this function already included in AmiKit?

2) Is there a programme which reimplemts the programme switch with Alt+TAB known from windows? This is one of the most used features of windows for me and I really would like to see it on the Amiga. Would make life much easiser and saves time.

Again, thanks a lot!

Live long and prosper!

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 19 Feb 2008 22:29 
1) The tool is called PowerWindowsNG and can be found at Aminet. The reason why it is not a native part of AmiKit package itself is that the installation procedure is a bit more complicated. As far as I remember the Amiga ROM file has to be modified in some way in order to get it working.

2) Yes, there are several solutions. You can even configure eg. your mouse wheel to switch among all opened windows, etc. Check the AmiKit:Prefs/MCPPrefs tool, the hotkey section. I can't be more specific as I am not at home now and I cannot run AmiKit. You can also search Aminet programs with such a function.

Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /
 Drag window out of screen and programme switcher

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