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Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /  

Pressure sensitive tablet w/ Amikit/WinUAE

Author pgovotsos
#1 Posted: 13 Jun 2007 05:00 

Can you use a pressure sensitive tablet connected to the "host" PC with Amikit/WinUAE?

What I mean is if I have something like a Wacom pressure sensitive tablet connected to the PC by USB, running Amikit/WinUAE, can I use the tablet in ImageFX?

Panagiotis Govotsos

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 13 Jun 2007 10:05 
Good question. If you run it on your "real" Amiga, you would need an Amiga software drivers to activate it. Things might be different under emulation (WinUAE) where these drivers are not necessary, I think. The question is whether WinUAE and/or ImageFX support the tablet.


Author Toni Wilen
#3 Posted: 13 Jun 2007 13:03 
Tablets do work but you MUST enable "mousehack mouse" in ports-panel (or in input-panel) or mouse will only jump around randomly. (because table is absolute, not relative pointing device like real mouse)

No idea about pressure sensitivity (but I guess it won't work). I have only tested tablet compatibility with basic wacom tablet without pressure sensitivity feature.

Note that Amiga-side drivers only work with serial tablets, not with USB (and even with USB Amiga drivers it wouldn't work because Windows manages all USB devices)

"Donate a tablet and I'll think about it"

Author pgovotsos
#4 Posted: 13 Jun 2007 18:33 
If I enable the mousehack nousem will the tablet AND mouse both be active/usable at the same time? ImageFX supports the tablet well, but only for some drawing features. If I had to keep toggling the hack, it wouldn't be worth it.

On the Amiga, mouse and tablet are plugged into 2 different ports so this isn't a problem. Don't know how WinUAE handles this.

I'm camping so I don't have my tablet with me otherwise I'd experiment.


PS does anyone know of any WinUAE forums that I could check and see if anyone there knew?

Author Toni Wilen
#5 Posted: 14 Jun 2007 11:52 
Yes, you can use both (mouse and tablet) simultaneously.

Author pgovotsos
#6 Posted: 15 Jun 2007 01:45 
Thanks Toni. I'll try this when I get home.

Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /
 Pressure sensitive tablet w/ Amikit/WinUAE

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