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Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /  

iomega software

Author retroricki
#1 Posted: 2 Mar 2023 17:01 
Hoping someone can help. So I am wondering if there is a way to use a USB iomega zip drive in the Amiga iomega tools. When I run the program it is looking for dosdrivers and seems to be looking for SCSI is there a way in the setting to make USB into thinking its a scisi drive. Just wondering how i can use the amiga iomega tools with this drive. Thanks for any help or feedback. Also It does come up as a usb drive but would like it to come up so i can use the tools program.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 10 Mar 2023 19:26 
Hi Ricki,

sorry for the delay, I haven't noticed new threads since the email notification system stopped working, for some reason. Anyway, since I don't have any experience with such drive, I asked on AmiKit Discord chat server. You're welcome to join us there:

Author phipslk
#3 Posted: 10 Mar 2023 20:05 
just a guess, I didn't try that with my usb zip drive: start WinUAE/Amikit in admin mode, configure amikit/winuae, go to cd&hars drives, and add the drive there as an amiga device

Author retroricki
#4 Posted: 17 Mar 2023 22:39 
I will try that phipslk and def will check out the discord

Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /
 iomega software

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