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Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /  

Amikit XE on a second monitor

Author Balis
#1 Posted: 8 May 2020 19:23 

I purchased Amikit XE Modern Retro and installed it on my Windows 8 64 bits Dell XPS Laptop.
I have an Intel HD Graphics 5500.
I also have a Dell P2219H Monitor (HDMI).
I want to use the monitor for Amikit XE while i use the laptop screen for work.
In display settings, i set the montor as screen and fullscreen for both native and RTG.
When i start, a lack window is open on the monitor. It stays black for 30' before switching fullscreen on the laptop.

What i did wrong please to get it running fullscreen on the monitor?


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 8 May 2020 20:44 
Hi Balis and welcome to Support Forum.

I don't have two monitors so I am afraid I cannot advise exactly, but what I googled about WinUAE and dual monitors, try Full-Window mode instead of FullScreen. That works best if your AmiKit and Windows screemodes are the same resolution and screen-depth.

Hope it helps?


Author Balis
#3 Posted: 11 May 2020 08:07 


Thanks for your answer. I will try it soon.

Author robsten
#4 Posted: 26 Jun 2020 02:19 
I have tried dual monitor with WinUAE on the external screen (Linux), but couldn't get it to work reliable. Using window mode it starts up but no mouse events are recognized even when using another mouse driver.
Moved back to the main screen it works again.

Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /
 Amikit XE on a second monitor

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