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Firebird / Icedrake support?

Author jester66
#1 Posted: 2 Apr 2022 17:25 

I have Amikit for my Vampire 500 V2+

I'm thinking of upgrading to a Firebird V4

I know that the V4SA is no longer supported but given you can no longer buy V2 hardware, will these new V4 boards be supported as I'd like to continue running Amikit now that I have purchased it.


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 2 Apr 2022 19:05 
Hello and thanks for reaching out.

The hardware you mentioned is based in V4 core too. It's a developmental core with features coming and going. As such we cannot support it. Not until the final version is released at least.

Regarding AmigaOS compatibility and stability you're all good with V2, IMHO.

Author jester66
#3 Posted: 4 Apr 2022 07:54 
Hi Jan,

Thanks for your response.

I didn't realise this was the case with the V4 core... I may well hang on to my V2 a while longer then.



Vampire related questions AmiKit Support Forum / Vampire related questions /
 Firebird / Icedrake support?

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