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Installation problems on Big Sur

Author nemike
#1 Posted: 23 Mar 2022 01:20 
Hi I just purchased AmiKit today and am having problems installing it.

Here are my specs:
2019 Mac Pro
Big Sur 11.6
AmiKit 11.5

I got a dialog that says «Crash detected. MiniDump saved as: C:\AmiKit\RabbitHole\WinUAE\winuae_4.9.1_R_2022.03.22_19.49.37.dmp

Clicking OK does nothing, the dialog won't go away and the application is hung.

I then killed all tasks and restarted AmiKit and it did come up. I can get any info if anyone wants to try to deal with the problem above.

Next problem, How in the world do I specify for WinUAE to use my Amiga Forever CD in my CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive???

Thanks, Mike

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 23 Mar 2022 09:44 
Welcome and thanks for reaching out.

When exactly does the crash happen? When you click the Launch or Configure button of AmiKit Launcher? Have you modified anything before or?

Regarding the CD, is it a real physical CD? Could you make an ISO file out of it? That would be mush easier as you can «insert» such file into WinUAE in CD&HardDrives setting - there's «Select image file» at the bottom.

If you keep experiencing issues, join our Discord channel - you will find the link at the bottom of the page where you downloaded your AmiKit installer from. I believe we can solve it faster on live chat.


Author AmiKit
#3 Posted: 24 Mar 2022 08:36 
Could you delete the app and copy the new one from the installation DMG?

You can make an ISO image out of your CD using Mac's Disk Utility app, for instance.

Once you copy the fresh AmiKit app to Applications, double-click it (the first run might take up to a minute) and then click the Configure button. In WinUAE window, go to «CD & Hard drives» and click the «Select image file» and locate your ISO on your Mac through the Z: drive. Again, this might take a while until a Mac's permission window appears. Once the ISO is selected, press the «Start» button below.

Hope it helps?

Mac related questions AmiKit Support Forum / Mac related questions /
 Installation problems on Big Sur

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