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Amikit on linux & licensing

Author tvandorffy
#1 Posted: 16 Jul 2022 22:59 

A few questions :
- If I own the windows version of Amikit but I would like to use the linux version too. (I use mainly Linux nowadays) Do I need to buy a full priced license for the Linux version?
- I am a long time user of Amikit. Currently, I only have my old windows Amikit and AmiKitX setup files (plus the amikitx 1100 upgrade zip). But I always upgraded my amikit installation to keep it up to date and subscribed for continuing update and support and now I am at the latest version. Can I download the latest windows AmikitXE installer? It would not be really convenient to start from my very old AmikitX version as a base when I need to reinstall everyting from scratch.
- I am considering buying the AmikitXE Linux version. But at the purchase screen at the OS description it is saying «Linux x64 Intel». I am confused. Does this mean that this package can be used only on Intel machines only? (I am currently using a mothern Amd based computer with an AMD Ryzen processor.)

Thanks a lot for answering,


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 16 Jul 2022 23:21 
Szia Tamás and thanks for reaching out!

I've just sent you a brand new AmiKit XE 11.5 installer for Windows.

Regarding AmiKit for Linux, I can provide 50% discount on the installer - simply enter your surname as promo code on the checkout screen. Later you can use the same Customer ID for the Windows version as well. So if you decide to prolong your subscription next year too, you will need just one subscription and it will be valid for the both Windows and Linux edition.

Regarding the «Intel» note, what I meant was «Intel compatible» so it is not confused with «ARM» architecture. That means you're all good with ADM too, of course.

Hope it helps!
Cheers from Slovakia,

Author tvandorffy
#3 Posted: 17 Jul 2022 19:32 
Hi Ján,

Thanks a lot for your kind response and help and the offer!
You are fantastic! I will certainly but the linux version too.
BTW I really like what you are doing with AmiKit, please keep up the good work!

Cheers from Hungary!

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 26 Jul 2022 00:48 
My pleasure.

Linux related questions AmiKit Support Forum / Linux related questions /
 Amikit on linux & licensing

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