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PI 400 screen resolution

Author amikit_noob
#1 Posted: 11 Feb 2022 22:30 
SPECS: PI 400, AmiKit XE

Hi, can I use 1280 x 1024 screen resolution in AmiKit XE, on a PI 400 ?

- because on AmiKit website, under PI400, it says «minimum 1366 x 768» resolution ...

I am tempted to buy a PI400 and AmiKitXE for Pi400, because the PI400 use a LOT less electricity (Watt), than my PC, and the prices for electricity is now 3 times higher than last year where I live, so a PI400 for AmiKit could be a fantastic solution to keep electricity bill low, while still enjoying my Amiga/AmiKit...


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 12 Feb 2022 09:25 
Hello, yes, sure it is possible to use 1280 x 1024 as well. The word minimum is there to set some standard. Your resolution is still fine, but 800x600 (even though that would also work) would not look good, you know.

Linux related questions AmiKit Support Forum / Linux related questions /
 PI 400 screen resolution

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