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Mouse cursor is unusable after using RabbitHole program and returning to AmiKit desktop

Author amikit_noob
#1 Posted: 11 Apr 2017 14:31 
Hi AmiKit, big fan here

When using AmiKit8 (AmiPup8 MK2 USB) in either window, full window or fullscreen mode, and I open a RabbitHole program,
and then click back onto the AmiKit8 desktop, then many times the AmiKit8 mouse cursor gets hijacked/becomes unsuable, the AmiKit8 mouse cursor will only move in a straight line up/down or it will only move around on the AmiKit8 desktop in a smaller area of the full AmiKit8 desktop, a smaller area that is the same size as the RabbitHole program window was resized to, when the RabbitHole program was on-top of the AmiKit8 desktop.

The AmiKit8 desktop then gets unusable after using a RabbitHole program, and I need to restart WinUae/AmiKit8 to use it again,

Is this problem fixed in AmiKit9 or AmiKitX ?

Thanks, I love AmiKit and appreciate all your hard work doing this!

Author foleyjo
#2 Posted: 11 Apr 2017 17:44 Edited by: foleyjo 
I find when my mouse cursor does this I need to press Left-Alt and then the Escape key.

Though this is in windows after using winlaunch and returning to amikit

Author amikit_noob
#3 Posted: 12 Apr 2017 01:11 
Hi foleyjo,

Thanks for your suggestion, it works but only sometimes, I still get the unusable mouse cursor, most of the time.

There must be a permanent solution, it's really annoying, and makes AmiKit unusable, when it happens.

I really hope AmiKit X has a fix for this.


Author amikit_noob
#4 Posted: 15 Apr 2017 15:50 
I now use "AmiKit8 for Windows" (AmiKit8 MK2 USB file) and Windows 7, (instead of AmiPup 8 + AmiKit 8)

that seems to work better, I have had almost no problem with the mouse cursor, now on Windows 7.

So that is a way to work-around the mouse cursor problem


Author amikit_noob
#5 Posted: 18 Apr 2017 10:03 Edited by: amikit_noob 

The mouse cursor in AmiKit 8 in Windows 7, works really well with RabbitHole Windows programs..

* Do this::

WinUAE > Host >Display >Screen > Windowed: (Set to the size of your entire screen like 1024x768 or 1920 x 1200 or similar)

Directly below that is the "Settings":

Native: Full-window
RTG: Full-window

Leave all other screen settings as they are!

Then go to:

WinUAE > Host > Miscellaneous > check "Untrap = middle button".
Click OK or save the changes to your Configurations: DEFAULT (AmiKit)
to make it permanent.

Start AmiKit.

Now when you launch a (Windows) RabbitHole program from inside AmiKit,
then you can click your middle mouse button to release the cursor from AmiKit
so you can use the cursor to move/use the Windows RabbitHole program (like Firefox)
that is now open and displayed on top of AmiKit desktop.

To return the mouse cursor to AmiKit, Just click anywhere on the AmiKit desktop

* To always keep the RabbitHole program on top of the AmiKit desktop,
EVEN after you click back onto the AmiKit desktop,
you can use "TurboTop" program:

Install TurboTop, go to the taskbar in Windows (the icons of the running programs)
click TurboTop icon, click on the name (in the list of open Windows programs)
that you want to be on top of all other programs, if you click the Firefox name in the list,
then Firefox will stay on top of AmiKit desktop, EVEN after you click back onto AmiKit desktop.

And there you have it, a "perfect" mouse for AmiKit and RabbitHole programs,
with no mouse cursor hijaking when switching between AmiKit and a RabbitHole (Windows) program!

So this makes AmiKit 100% useful as a daily OS for all tasks, amazing!!!

(This post was written using NetSurf in AmiKit 8 on Windows 7)


Author amikit_noob
#6 Posted: 20 Apr 2017 16:35 Edited by: amikit_noob 
If AmiKit mouse cursor is still behaving strange when a RabbitHole program is open on top of AmiKit,
then try and resize the RabbitHole program to a smaller size and move/position the RabbitHole program more to the side (left or right or top or bottom) of the screen.

This lets you use the AmiKit mouse cursor with almost no mouse cursor problem, even when the AmiKit mouse cursor gets close to the RabbitHole program, the AmiKit mouse cursor can be moved around/below the RabbitHole program without problems 99% of the time.

So you can continue using the AmiKit desktop, while a RabbitHole program (like Firefox streaming netflix) is
resized to a smaller window and positionend on one side of the screen.

Then if you want to use the RabbitHole program more seriously , just resize it to full size (click the RabbitHole program windows "Maximize" icon) so it resizes to fill the screen, being on top of AmiKit desktop.

After finishing using the RabbitHole program, just click "Maximize" icon again, and the RabbitHole program window returns to the smaller size being positioned at one side of the AmiKit desktop.

Click back onto the AmiKit desktop area to continue with AmiKit, while the RabbitHole program sits nicely on top of AmiKit, in one side of the screen...

That is a good work-around to get as little mouse cursor problem as possible, when the AmiKit cursor and the Windows cursor is both trying to be in control


Linux related questions AmiKit Support Forum / Linux related questions /
 Mouse cursor is unusable after using RabbitHole program and returning to AmiKit desktop

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