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AmiKit benchmarks

Author AmiKit
#1 Posted: 7 Apr 2007 19:21 
Have you ever wondered what is the speed difference between emulated and "real" Amiga? And what about the performance of AmiKit compared to the other alternatives? Check the benchmarks.

Please let me know if you have any ideas what other methods can be used to measure performance of the emulated environments.

Author alanwall

#2 Posted: 7 Apr 2007 21:57 
Other than Amigod-the first version-I use Amigamark and P96speed
Not sure if they work on the other emulations

on a side note,why can't I use Amikit/Aweb to reply on the forum ?

Author AmiKit
#3 Posted: 8 Apr 2007 01:18 
Hmmm, no idea. Please use the IBrowse instead, it works.

Author alanwall

#4 Posted: 8 Apr 2007 05:28 
test to see if it works with Ibrowse

Author robsten
#5 Posted: 18 May 2020 02:54 
Hi, what has happened to the benchmarks page?

I think it is a good idea to always have this site up as Amikit is in permanent development and I now would like to see what I can expect from the latest (XE) version.
I'm using old-style Sysinfo 4.3 for testing (results as stated in the guide are not verified specifically for emulated hw).
Anyway if results are done all with the same tool a comparison for overview can be made.

My speed values on Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia; Wine 5.0; POL 4.3.4; AMD Ryzen7 3700U powered:

CPU -90% speed

10698 Drystones
11.16 Mips
3.48 MFlops
(0.58 x MC 68040 speed)

CPU 0% (100%) speed

852063 Drystones
889.41 Mips
267.63 MFlops

(46.69 x MC 68040 speed)

Maybe some time later I'll post benchmark results done with another tool.

Author AmiKit
#6 Posted: 18 May 2020 09:09 
Hi and welcome to Support Forum. You happened to revive a 13 years old thread!

The speed is not the issue nowadays. Almost any current PC can run emulated AmigaOS faster than any real Amiga ever did. It's not about AmiKit, it's about HW and WinUAE. For example, SysInfo 4.3 shows 3 million Dryhstones on a Six-Core AMD Ryzen5 2600. I have no idea how many Mips is that, because SysInfo is not able to show 4 digit number there - I see only last 3 digits

With such speed the benchmarks are really not necessary. There's no Amiga program that would benefit from such huge speed anyway (maybe except 3D renderers).

Btw. I see you mentioned 68040. I recommend to keep settings at its defaults - that means 68020 - as AmiKit is built and tested on 68020 CPU. Switching to 040 or 060 doesn't make it any faster anyway.

Author robsten
#7 Posted: 18 May 2020 17:28 

well I was curious if there were any results available.
The 040 was only mentioned as it was the last CPU version in the list. The tool is maintained again since end of last year. So maybe there will be more CPU types listed in the future.
Sure I will keep it as 020.

Six-Core AMD Ryzen5 2600 - nice

I don't have it, but plugged one such into my girlfriends rig for her last machine was completely outdated after having served well for >13 years (single core AMD).
Let's see by chance how much her setup will show when testing my mobile Linux/XE stick....

I had to put hands on my main Linux setup again as there was quite a performance difference between the main installation and the mobile stick booted on it. Same Linux revision.
So after some hours I replaced X against XE and also got the latest POL AND Wine5 installed. Wine is ok for its features, but much confusing for me. Dependencies, dependencies....
did I mention dependencies already???
Hell I was mighty astonished as I by my last random attempt could get it upgrated from 4.0.x to V5 without complaints, pew. But anyway, there is somehow the Main "Wine", then we have all the different POL Wines, 32 and 64 bit..... that wasn't the reason for which I decided to go the Linux way. Nevertheless works ok now....
Also the latest mesa:i386 drivers were needed because of missing 3d ogl libs. "Oibaf" seems quite active on this (also an Amikit distributor??) But the drivers from 08.05.2020 got my machine to display a useless garbage raster on all screens. Stayed with the old ones until now I felt too uncomfortable with this performance difference.

I do miss our simple AmigaOS - "performance through simplicity and efficiency"

But, well I think it's time for multi-user.....maybe with AmigaOS 5, who knows.

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 AmiKit benchmarks

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