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Amikit running from boot ?

Author yogib33r
#1 Posted: 3 Mar 2024 18:06 
Hi all !

i just succed to install amikit xl 9 on bottles under fedora 39 but i would like, with a old core 2 duo to make an Amikit computer.
The fact is i can make install as on my laptop but is it possible to boot ON amikit directly ?
It would be so fine !

Thanx bu advance !


Author wiisoldier
#2 Posted: 8 Mar 2024 02:11 
It is difficult to understand your post. This may be why you have no replies. Come into Discord or try to rephrase your question. (We understand if English is not your first choice language). Google Translate may help you.

Author yogib33r
#3 Posted: 12 Mar 2024 08:34 
Hello hello !
ok thx a lot i had difficulties to explain what i wanted but now with Bottles under Gnu Linux i have amikit installed on my computer
Thx a lot.

Author yogib33r
#4 Posted: 13 Mar 2024 20:56 
Ok i must tell you what i wanted to ask before:

so as amiga forever is possible to install as primary system (as i believe) i wanted on a raspberry pi 3b+ to boot DIRECTLY on amikit as i can boot on Icaros Desktop on an old computer.
So then i found another solution, to use «Bottles» which is a wine environment which gave me the opportunity to install amikit old version on my Fedora Linux bit not as a primary system, bootable directly.

I hope i will be better understood ^^ even if i made with wine (in Bottles) my solution !


NEWS AmiKit Support Forum / NEWS /
 Amikit running from boot ?

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