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Amikit 11.6+ upgrade on Linux

Author robsten
#1 Posted: 5 Mar 2022 04:24 
Hi Jan,

I just extended my subscription for Amikit running on Linux and the upgrade went flawless so far. It looks nice, a true cat lover, eh
Homepage update proves it too...

I did not test too much yet, but moving and running Amikit from or to any available screen seems to work a better now. I tried in the past and it ran best on the native main notebook screen. Now this gives much more flexibility moving it to where I prefer. I assume it would had been working before this Amikit upgrade, but with it came a different default WinUAE configuration being set to window mode. So I could test this and rather keep it this way now.

I still have to realign some changed to how they were in the past. Still missing the startup progress bar and welcome jingle....I expected to hear a final «miauuuu» or someting
There is something that I think that could be improved more in future updates.

I do like to keep individual settings/configurations when updating.
If I didn't, I would stay on Windows, use Facebook or other crappy software falling back to «default» in many ways. But I have plenty of reasons for staying with Linux.

I didn't get the magic going on with the ShowAmiga96 in the startup-sequence. Why not keep it as it is?
Yes, there are backup files, but anyway again the user has to touch this setting which was individualized before the update already.

I think users like to keep it simple. The auto-update is nice, but nevertheless basic changes should not become mandatory with every update.

NEWS AmiKit Support Forum / NEWS /
 Amikit 11.6+ upgrade on Linux

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