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Amikit 8 ANDROID - Can not run executable files / WHDLOAD upgrade issue

Author MatthewNS
#1 Posted: 4 Dec 2017 11:39 

I have nvidia shield tv which is really convinient hardware to run retro especially UAE4ARM.
Amikit 8 for android based on OS 3.9 is already installed under my UAE4ARM.

Unfortunatelly I have no possibility to run any executable files. No possible to run "installs" or others. Amikit shows info of "not recognized" file. The ICON of any executable look like unknow file.
WHDLOAD games which are already installed in "directory" as a seperate hard drive run very well. Simply were downloaded from KGWHD and copied to the directory (no HDD install required).

Amikit 8 consist of WHDLOAD 18.0. From 18.2 whdload does not require registration. I would like tu upgrade to this one, but "install" does not start.

Second issue are Kickstart files for WORKBENCH (whdload). I have all of them in my amiga library and copied them via Directory Opus from "directory hdd" to Amikit:DEVS:Kickstart.... and nothing. Files were copied properly and available in Amikit:DEVS:Kickstarts. Amikit still shows info of lack of necessary Kickstart files.

Looking for your help

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 4 Dec 2017 13:47 
Hi Matthew,

how are you importing new files to AmiKit hardfile? Maybe they lost their attributes on the way? Generally, most of the files should have RWED attributes set. You can see them set in Directory Opus window: There's a file name, then size, then date & time and the last one in a line are attributes. You can edit them by pressing and holding left mouse button, or select the file and then click the "arrow down" located in upper-right cornet and select Properties > Attributes...

Regarding the WHDLoad kickstarts, if it's not caused by the same issue, please check you have correct files installed (including the exact name) according to this table:

Hope it helps.

Author MatthewNS
#3 Posted: 4 Dec 2017 17:55 
My way for import new files to Amikit hdf:
1. Mount new HDD from Android directory (sdcard or extsd)
2. Copy new files from android "directory hdd" to Amikit HDF with Directory Opus.

I was doing that several times with Classic Workbench HDF. Everything works properly. That's why I'm quite sure my Kickstart files are valid.

I will follow your advice and check today attributes of kickstarts files.

I'm wondering is the amikit installation based on os 3.9 was done correctly. Maybe something went wrong.
I will reinstall Amikit with Amithlon XL.

In my opinion Amikit is more smooth under UAE4ARM than ClassicWB. I did not notice any differences of interface speed but whdload games are a little bit laggy under CWB.

Author MatthewNS
#4 Posted: 5 Dec 2017 00:27 
An issue is solved

Followed your advise and focused on RW permissions.
I suspected a Marshmallow External SD/USB RW permission as a main reason of my problem... and obviously it was that.

It was a little bit tricky to resolve that becouse I was not able to install Amikit and download HDF and .uae configuration file on Internal SD. Amikit forced me to install itself on hidden directory storage/emulated/USER/0/data/sk.amiga.amikit.arm.
I had no access to this one and no possibility to copy OS3.9 files to the specified directory.
That forced me to install Amikit on extsd and download again HDF file to extsd. I have copy HDF file to Internal SD (with full RW permission) and edit uaeconfig manually (change path to HDF file). I was not able to change HDF path in UAE4ARM. UAE4ARM does not allow to go up to root directory (mnt etc.)

It took 4 hours but everything now works flawlessly .
Is it any chance to update Amikit HDF v8? ( for example to 10)

Anyway. Thanks again for your help.

D'akujem vel'mi pekne. pozdravy
Dziekuje bardzo. Pozdrawiam

Author AmiKit
#5 Posted: 5 Dec 2017 00:47 
I am glad it works for you now! And thanks for the local thanks too!

To avoid such problems in future, I recommend to transfer archives instead of files themselves. Simply pack everything in source Amiga environment (eg. with LZX), transfer the archive and unpack it at destination Amiga environment.

AmiKit 8 cannot be upgraded to X version, but theoretically you should be able to take working hardfile from AmiKit X and use it with UAE4ARM. Just make sure you set a lower screenmode before you use it with UAE4ARM as it doesn’t support larger ones yet.

NEWS AmiKit Support Forum / NEWS /
 Amikit 8 ANDROID - Can not run executable files / WHDLOAD upgrade issue

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