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AmiKit on Classic Amiga

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Author gaddarjoker
#1 Posted: 17 Nov 2006 11:43 
Hello to everyone,

Amikit is a wonderful pack. I just want to use it on my classic Amiga. I have tried some ways to adapt the amikit onto my real amiga but I end up with failure after tiring hours.

Here is my steps:
I added my amiga formatted harddrive to my pc ide port
I connected this harddrive using UAE settings.
I copied whole amikit files onto empty amigaharddrive
I disabled some lines in startup -sequence

But things are getting confusing...

I just want the "Amikit on Real Amiga" not to be cancelled and I might help people who are working on it.

Amiga4000/040/40 (Blizzard)+ 128mb ram+ PIV Gfx Card+2.1 GB Seagate Harddrive

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 18 Nov 2006 22:01 

I'll make a list containig all the adjustments necessary to run AmiKit on real machine. I'll also provide you with a LZX archive of the package.

Btw. would you be interested to join a yahoo group and help to create/test "real" AmiKit version?

Author gaddarjoker
#3 Posted: 20 Nov 2006 13:10 
yeah sure I would like to be a part of this project

count me in!

I assume I was in registered in yahoo group but I'm not sure, I don't remember it if not please roll me in

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 21 Nov 2006 12:46 
I've sent you an email with a link to LZX archive of AmiKit 1.2.0 together with a few instructions describing what to modify in order to run it on Classic Amiga.

Author AndyB
#5 Posted: 30 Nov 2006 14:15 
I too would like to be able to run AmiKit on my real Amiga. I have an A1200 running OS 3.5 with Mediator PCI board, Voodoo3 Graphics Card, Blizzard 1230 IV 32Mb, 40Gb HDD and CDRW.

Can it be done on this setup?

Author AmiKit
#6 Posted: 30 Nov 2006 14:22 Edited by: AmiKit 
Yes, I think your config is OK, especially the gfx card is great. It would be a real pain to run AmiKit on AGA, you know. Do you want to try to run AmiKit by yourself? I can send you an LZX archive, however several modifications are needed in order to run it on Classic. Are you brave enough to try it?

Author AndyB
#7 Posted: 30 Nov 2006 14:33 
As a PC engineer I have to be ready to try anything, however i've tried several times to get it running and all have failed, so any help you can give would be appreciated!!

Author AmiKit
#8 Posted: 30 Nov 2006 14:40 
Oki, I write something down. Meanwhile tell us what problems have you encountered.

Author AndyB
#9 Posted: 30 Nov 2006 14:47 
My main problem seems to be apps crashing upon boot. I've tried disabling several bits of startup-sequence and WBStartup with no positive results.

Author AmiKit
#10 Posted: 30 Nov 2006 15:20 Edited by: AmiKit 
OK, once you manage to transfer AmiKit files from PC to Amiga, the automatic installation of AmigaOS files will probably not work on Amiga, but you can try it. Better idea is to install the AmigaOS files on PC and then transfer the files to "real" Amiga.

EDIT: The automatic installation of AmigaOS files on "real" Amiga is reported to work! You just need to modify the CD0 file (AmiKit:Prefs/Presets/AmiKit/Install/CD0) and replace the "uaescsi.device" string with the device where your CD is mounted (eg. scsi.device). Change the Unit number if necessary.

Once the AmiKit is fully installed, it contains the pack of pre-configured screenmode preferences and one of them is selected by the user during the installation. However, all of these screenmode preferences are set to use 32bit UAEgfx drivers which works under UAE only, of course. So whatever screenmode you choose it won't work for you on "real" Amiga. Therefore, before you boot the AmiKit, you should install YOUR gfx drivers and save YOUR OWN screenmode preferences using the AmiKit:Prefs/Screenmode program. Or you might want to copy your "real" Amiga screenmode prefs to AmiKit (ENVARC:Sys/Screenmode.prefs).

Edit the startup-sequence and disable the boot picture (SYS:Utilities/Expansion/ShowAmiga96/Bin/ShowAmiga96_Rev239C18 line). Otherwise, in case something crashes during the boot, you won't notice it because the crash message appears behind the picture. In addition boot pictures are also adjusted for UAE but I am not sure about this.

It is hard to tell you what all can be in conflict with classic Amiga. Eg. MMkeyboard started in WBStartup will report an error (it's UAE version). It is a good idea to disable WBStartup completely. Yes, the AHI drivers are UAE too.

Also, the AfA_OS might not work on your system, but this is rather rare. AfA_OS provide TrueType font support but try to disable it in startup-sequence for a while (it's C:AfA_OS_Loader line).

Also it might happen that IPrefs crashes during the boot (especially if AfA_OS is disabled). Therefore enable "C:Wait 1" line in front of C:IPrefs command in startup-sequence. Also enable this command in front of "Run >NIL: SYS:Utilities/Expansion/Birdie/Birdie ? <Env:Birdie.prefs" line. You might also want to increase the time to wait to eg. 2 or 3 (C:Wait 3) for testing purposes.

I would also disable the MakeLink commands in startup-sequence. They might be in conflict with your filesystem, who knows.

"C:PatchMSB" command must also be disabled as it calls special UAE math library. You should also copy your regular math libraries from your "real" Amiga to AmiKit:Libs.

Also enable "BindDrivers" command and disable "C:Picasso96fix" command.

In case of low of memory, decrease "C:StackAttack 32768" command to something like "C:StackAttack 8192". You might want to do the same in DOpus/Environmet preferences.

Next, Warp3D libraries are UAE versions. You can find the regular versions in Libs:bak drawer. Also watch out for P96 rtg.library as it's also UAE optimized.

Author AndyB
#11 Posted: 2 Dec 2006 16:50 
Thanks mate, got it working now!!!

Author AmiKit
#12 Posted: 3 Dec 2006 11:53 Edited by: AmiKit 
AndyB, could you tell us what was the problem and what has to be modified to get it working on your HW? It would be usefull for others I believe.

Author AndyB
#13 Posted: 3 Dec 2006 22:31 Edited by: AndyB 
No problem, the cause appeared to be amikit trying to open up a uaegfx screenmode. I switched the screenmode on my PC to AGA and Workbench rather than Opus, moved all of WBStartup into the Disabled directory, commented out all the suggestions in startup-sequence and transfered the whole lot onto a clean partition of my hard drive and made it bootable. Once booted I reinstalled the graphics card drivers and all worked well, although it is somewhat slower than I expected, but maybe that's me expecting too much of my 50Mhz Blizzard. Hope this is of some use to anyone!
On further investigation, AFA_OS makes my machine crash, not tried any other version yet, will post when tried!

Author nikos
#14 Posted: 29 Dec 2006 21:20 
HI are you plan to make a real amiga version of amiga kit???
any instalation tips for morphos??

Author AmiKit
#15 Posted: 3 Jan 2007 02:16 Edited by: AmiKit 
Hi Nikos!

The "real" Amiga version has to be prepared by someone else as me time is very limited, unfortunately. I remember I promised to create an yahoo group intended for everyone willing to help to create the "real" version of AmiKit with automatic installer and everything. I think it should not be very difficult.

If there is anyone interested in helping to create "Real" AmiKit, please let me know in this thread. Thanks.

If there is enough active people willing to create or betatest "Real" AmiKit, I create the yahoo group, provide the LZX archive, knowledge and whatever is needed.

With regards to MorphOS, I cannot serve as my knowledge in this area is zero. Try to start new MorphOS topic here so someone else can see it easily and help you.

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