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Make from your pc a real amiga is easy

Author mach
#1 Posted: 3 Oct 2014 14:23 
Sorry to say but i am not new here only i have lost my password for the forum.

How can you make a real amiga computer on your harddisk and boot it very fast , thats very easy

what you need is amigaforever first than amiga os 3.9

let start for testing first on some virtual machine like vmware or virtualbox ,befor you miss up your real computer.

make on virtuall box first a new machine and call it amigaos

than make sure that the machine can read your iso of amiga forever 2014 or whatever.

you will see the booting screen of amiga ,but before you let it booting type below this af-fbtxt 2

and there will be a booting linux system , and the end you know enter this afinstall

and follow the screen , you can watch it here

but this setup is wrong at some point of installation you must do copy cd directly to harddisk and run like cd , you must pick this one.

or it will not copy to your harddisk (tested on vmware)

on the harddisk black screen you must setup a primary setup harddisk let say 10gb , for amigaforever to instal.

save your stuff , but in that video this maker have forgot to setup the type must be linux 83

or it can never boot from your real harddisk om a real computer , so i have tested on vmware and if you follow this amiga can boot from any harddisk.

you must setup the bootloader grup two.

than the files will be copy to your vmware harddisk , and the end of install remove the iso disk and reboot ,and you will see that you have a bootscreen like dualboot windows / amiga

know your harddisk will work with a bootscreen but only one system amiga forever , if you follow this , on some old computer you have a real amiga on your computer booting from harddisk and not from vmware.


this is working

know you can go to the limit , setup up amigaos 3.9 over amigaforever its easy , put in the iso of amiga3.9 and go to the install and if you install dh0 this is your harddisk of amiga and put all the installs in systems and at the end reboor and you have amiga 3.9

go to the extreme level ,

put amigakit 7 over the systems files of amiga3.9 and reboot and look you have a working amigakit booting from your computer harddisk

its that easy , only you must have some skills

sorry for the bad english but that is the fast way and easy way to have a real amiga booting from harddisk computer

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 14 Oct 2014 10:30 
Thanks for sharing!

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 Make from your pc a real amiga is easy

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