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Author Jaso
#1 Posted: 18 Sep 2012 23:19 
Hi. My name is Jason. I went from C64 to A500 to Macmini to Abox (1200) to Toshiba Win764. I really want to get into an X1000.

My question is, Is it possible to download from a link, or have gmailed as an attachment, the Work Bench 3.9 disk(c)s? My ABox(1200) is currently out of my hands. Actually it's in another state with one of my family members. I own, legally, the ABox(1200), as I purchased it about 3 or 4 years ago from Mat over at AmigaKit. In fact, I've sent a message to Mat. But, I'm not sure, he may be way busy.

(I didn't have the same (good) experience with Aiab as I did on the Mac 6 years ago. The windowed feature wasn't scaling even after I had corrected for the DirectX update and Picasso nags. Plus the DPaintIV program I use wasn't looking original enough for me, as the colors of the menu and tool bars looked austere.)

Any help or suggestions would be more than appreciated. Thank you very much! Jason

PS Does anybody remember the Christmas demo for the C64? I remember how cool it was at the time. Then, at the end it showed the MSRP price which was a lot! How much was it back then? (I also remember loading Jumpman (precursor to DK) from datacassette!)

Author Jaso
#2 Posted: 19 Sep 2012 01:20 
Attention moderator(s), I apologize even asking this. I just tooled over here, and just realized how taboo it is to even mention. (Sorry about the double post too)

I found the price point for the old C64, $595.00. But, it seemed like it was $895 for some reason. (Maybe because Alan Alda had made a commercial?)

I've just about answered my own questios already. Still, any input might go a long way.

I guess my new inquiry would be, "What's the cheapest way" of obtaining the WorkBench and KickRoms? What is the reason such an old os is so valuable today? (Nobody cares if you get a copy of Windows 2000 do they?) I think 3.9 must be so much exponentially better than other os's that even though it's been longer than 7 years and even changed more than 30%, (actually I'm not too sure as far as having changed 30%, maybe with BoingBag updates?) that MS and Mac must be worth pennies on the dollar when making a fair comparison.

Does Amikit provide any solutions? I saw where ya'll had recommended Amiga Forever. Should I go ahead and consider that? (I'm a little perplexed at how little support there is for something so valuable )

Who owns it? Haage and Partner? Should I get with them and see if I can have a fresh copy gmailed my way? I wonder what the original Amiga team is thinking about all this. On one hand, it seems like it was yesterday. On the other it's been a quarter of a century! LOL (half of that for 3.9) What would they say if somebody just gave it away at a garage sale? LOL

OK. I'll hang in there for a response. I'll post any new findings. Thank you very much! jas

Author AmiKit
#3 Posted: 19 Sep 2012 23:04 Edited by: AmiKit 
Hi Jason,

the AmigaOS (including ROMs, Workbench disks or CD, etc.) is copyrighted. I have no idea who owns it and, frankly, I don't even care. The thing is that the copyright still applies no matter what we think about it. And if I want to keep AmiKit on safe side, there's no other option just to respect it. Can I change the copyright situation? No. So why bother. Fortunately there's an easy and legal solution how to obtain the OS and ROMs and use it with AmiKit. Yes, I am talking about Amiga Forever. And it's not just an archive with OS and ROMs, its an application with many features, its added value is especially in so called "Amiga Forever Player". With this player you can run games, demos and various OS configurations easily.

Btw. there's also "C64 Forever". The basic edition is for free. Check it out!

Author Jaso
#4 Posted: 19 Sep 2012 23:20 
Right on!

Ya'll rock! I have a receipt from Amigakit when I bought the ABox 1200. But, I'm not worried about it. I like your suggestion better because all the extra value in the package. Yes, I respect the copyright no matter who owns it. I look at it as if I were in their shoes. I wouldn't want to own a copyright and people take advantage of me.)

I can't wait to get the Amikit going. (I have a lot of other priorities ahead and have to save up the money which will, in my case, take time on my shoestring budget;) It looks great. Oh, and thanks for the C64 link.

In Amikit, are the desktop pictures able to be substituted with a small animation file? (Like if I wanted to have the desktop menu bars, icons, drawers, etc on top of, say, a simple boingball anim?) I think that would be cool!

OK. Thank you very much! Jason

Author Jaso
#5 Posted: 21 Sep 2012 03:36 

Amiga Forever Premium 2012!

This is like getting a whole computer for only $49.95! One can go from a two decade old os to a modern one for only 50 bucks! Plus you get everything, immediate activation and usage before the actual product arrives in the mail, the 2 DVD video history of Amiga, Explorer, support, its like taking the cutting edgeness Amiga was in '95 and fast forwarding to... today.

I should have fifty available by my next paycheck. I can't wait. Thanks again for the hook up. I'll check back when I'm up and running.

Best regards, Jason!

Author AmiKit
#6 Posted: 26 Sep 2012 00:09 
You're welcome. I believe you'll be satisfied with Amiga Forever. You can get it in our shop here:

Have fun.

Author Jaso
#7 Posted: 29 Sep 2012 16:59 
Cool! (My boss was unavailable 4 days this week. I have maybe less than ten bucks in my pocket) Hopefully I'll have enough after expenses, which there are none, next week!


I live at home with my mom. There is no longer any local jobs in the paper. My business, landscaping, is cut throat and Mexicans abound. I refuse to work for any business that is not locally owned and operated, nor any business that is following Satan's path. As a result, I'm typically broke all the time. After being rear-ended at 55 mph, AIG did everything they could to not help me. The IRS also took advantage of my situation. If and when I do get extra money, I usually use it to eat. But, I can starve myself to make things happen. (More people should try starving themselves.)


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