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when a new version or a new update ?

Author turrican3
#1 Posted: 11 May 2011 19:35 
first of all congratulation for your work !!!
when do you think we will have new things too enjoy ?
a new update or a new version ?
why don't you made a sign of life for a long time ?

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 15 May 2011 15:12 
Hello, while I cannot say exactly when a new version shows up, I can assure you it will. It's just my time for development is limited. Thanks for your patience.

Author turrican3
#3 Posted: 15 May 2011 17:12 
is there beta versions available ?
and will you integrate boingbag 3 and 4 ?
thanks for the reply

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 19 May 2011 11:11 
Yes, but beta version is not public. If you are interested in betatesting, send me an email. Thanks!

Regarding the BoingBags 3 and 4, there's no intention and no need to integrate them for number of reasons.

Author Anonymous
#5 Posted: 18 Aug 2011 03:21 
Any updates on a release?

Author AmiKit
#6 Posted: 23 Aug 2011 11:58 Edited by: AmiKit 
AmiKit development is currently on hold due to lack of time.
Thanks for your understanding and patience.

October 2011 - development resumed

Author OlafS3
#7 Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:35 

I am updating Amikit on myself and want to have a version for Natami in the future. Would you help with that? And regarding the update... when will it be out and is there a feature-list?

Author AmiKit
#8 Posted: 28 Sep 2011 00:23 Edited by: AmiKit 

new AmiKit version will be released till the end of the year (hopefully).

There can be a special version for Natami too - depending on the complexity of required modifications.
Please send me an email with details: link


Miscellaneous topics AmiKit Support Forum / Miscellaneous topics /
 when a new version or a new update ?

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