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Boing Bag 3 Status

Author DaNi
#1 Posted: 4 May 2007 23:30 
Hello to all

The unnofficial patch BB3 update rom for amikit is around of 75% finished, but for the moment, only is tunning the sytem rom update (not the extras) but the extras (like dataypes etc) is in beta test with anothers patch/updates. Amiga inc not autorized this patch when is finished and of course, is a ilegal public any type of rom update. For the moment, the update bb3 is stopped but i can send in 3 weeks for internal use if any can betatest with amikit.

note:BB3 only works under 68060 cpu
changes in setpatch is fixed but have some crashes with 68040, we are working for fix it too.

You can view the release 8 (current version is 12) in this url:

DaNi, Warlock, fisube and mikka

Author klesterjr
#2 Posted: 5 May 2007 02:47 
Very, very interesting stuff.

Author alanwall
#3 Posted: 5 May 2007 18:43 
Hello Dani, I just got some email from Bill and will see what I can do to fix this problem.Thanks for your efforts !

Author DaNi
#4 Posted: 12 May 2007 00:42 
Any know if have changes running amikit with mulibs (with last winuae beta) compared to normal libs?

Author alanwall
#5 Posted: 12 May 2007 20:11 
beat 11 is ok but final 1.4.2 is out today and have not tested yet as I just now dled it

Author alanwall
#6 Posted: 12 May 2007 20:51 
ok done some testing and all seems ok
the only problem I am having is with
Sview 5 and not sure if it is related
ImageFX/Image Engineer all run ok
and cpu shows an 060
on a side note, I saw your post on I
think AmigaWorld about bb3 and showed the output from I think AmigaLoad
but my version does not do that, which program did you use ?

I have a suggestion AmiKit Support Forum / I have a suggestion /
 Boing Bag 3 Status

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