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Updating Amikit?

Author OlafS3
#1 Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:25 
I plan to buy a Natami in the future and I think Amikit is a great option for it. The last updates are from 2009, so i am right now updating it. Addionally I want to add former commercial applications and a lot of addons from Aminet. Is there anyone interested to help me? And will there be any official updates in the future?

Author ChaosLord
#2 Posted: 26 Sep 2011 12:14 
You should definitely add

A few other highly useful shell commands that I have found.

Author AmiKit
#3 Posted: 28 Sep 2011 00:26 Edited by: AmiKit 

the additional applications can be released in a separate package. Its installation would take only few clicks, like these addons: link

Regarding the official update, new version of AmiKit (for Windows, Mac and Linux) will be released till the end of the year (hopefully) link.

Author OlafS3
#4 Posted: 28 Sep 2011 17:00 
What installer do you use?

Amikit will be the official distribution so i think there is much interest for cooperation

Author AmiKit
#5 Posted: 28 Sep 2011 18:23 Edited by: AmiKit 
AmiKit add-on is a Windows installer package that copies its content into AmiKit. So basically what I need is the archive with Amiga dirs and files (reflexting the AmiKit structure) so I can wrap it into such an installer. Add-on for other platforms (Mac, Linux) can be delivered into AmiKit similarly.

Author OlafS3
#6 Posted: 28 Sep 2011 18:30 
I would send you the Data in 1-2 weeks. Do you have FTP (it will be quiet a lot I think). One part is updating and extending the core (libraries, datatypes, mui-classes and addional cli-commands). I thought to create a own directory ("Addons") where i would put all my data in and then include it in the Navigation. what do you think?

Author AmiKit
#7 Posted: 28 Sep 2011 18:40 Edited by: AmiKit 
Your add-on should EXTEND the AmiKit by adding MORE applications.

Updating existing system files or applications would be waste of time, because those will be updated by the next official update package anyway (some new applications and features will be added too).

Please drop me an email so we can discuss details.

Thank you very much!

Author OlafS3
#8 Posted: 28 Sep 2011 18:47 
one email i use:

Author AmiKit
#9 Posted: 29 Sep 2011 18:48 
email sent

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