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Only one problem

Author Anonymous
#1 Posted: 13 Apr 2006 21:44 
Well its really an Installation problem. Why not have a requester that asks what you want installed as extras. As like most Amiga users I cherish the fact I can choose what goes on my Amiga and What My Amiga looks like.

I do not like Opus Magellan never have, I find the BoingBall add on silly after a day and I have never liked AmiStart (if it was as easy to configure as Windows Start it would not be bad). I do not like MCP and generally try to avoid MUI ( I actually can not because of course YAM is MUI).
But I have always loved Magic Menu. I also like most of the WB startup adons as well as about 1/3 of the additional programs. I think AmiKit is great but would like the option at install time to install or not install programs.
It is the reason that I think many will not contibute to the install setup. It is a great way to install OS3.x into a UAE envelope. But tit takes a long time to get back to a usable state.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 13 Apr 2006 22:49 Edited by: AmiKit 
Thank you for your post.

Well, nearly all the programs you mentioned is possible to disable easily. Please use the WBStartup+Prefs program or just remove the applications manually from AmiKit:WBStartup drawer. I think it is still better than to install missing proggies from the scratch, you know.

With regards to Directory Opus Magellan, I think it's worth to learn how to use it. You can always press the HELP (or PageDown) key to get a help on opened Magellan window. If you decide to use Workbench instead, please follow this link:

I am thinking about creating some instructing videos to help newbies use the Magellan effectively.

AmiStart is really easy to configure. For example, you can use its drag&drop features to add or remove entries. Just disable auto-save feature before you start experimenting :) Read more in the manual located in AmiKit:Utilities/EXPANSION/AmiStart drawer.

Author Anonymous
#3 Posted: 21 Apr 2006 22:57 
That is what I have done but thought for the old Amiga user and the new Amiga user a selection tool would be a good Idea. Kind of like the Installer for 3.9 that asks you what you want to install.
I have a paid full version of Directory OPus Magellan and Directory Opus 6 for windows. What I do not like is the way it takes over your machine and only gives its configuration options. Yes it allows lots of flexibility but each installation has specific things I can not change and does not suit my habits. I have a hand full of friends who use Dir Opus 5 and up both for Amiga and Windows but there are just as may of us (30 member Amiga Club) who do not like it. I use Dir Opus 4.xx and love it and it is include but again I did not have a choice of which Dir Opus to install. It is a matter of choice. That is exactly what I was pointing at choice. You have done a great job of setting up AmiKit and I recomend it to quit a few people, but all would like to see more choices.
It is funny I recomend AmiKit and UAE so people can see who cofigurable Amiga is and all the choices you have with the way it looks. But then with AmiKit it installs and for the newcomer they have to phone me because they can not figure out how to set things up I reset it to a base installation and tell them to use aminet and the programs and things that come with AmiKit they find there way and figure out what they like and dislike and configure to the level of understanding they have and as the understand more they use more.

I want to leave a feedback AmiKit Support Forum / I want to leave a feedback /
 Only one problem

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