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Cannot Run WHDLoad AGA Games After AmiKit Update..Problem Solved

Author Ray Richards
#1 Posted: 29 Aug 2009 15:40 
snipped from email re problem

WHDLoad games

I downloaded and installed the updates to AmiKit OK but now I cannot play any AGA games with asks for the kickstarts...did the updates replace the A1200 Kickstaets for WHDLoad?...all the WHDLoad games I put in AmiKit played OK before the updates....when I replace the kickstarts it still won't play the AGA games...any ideas?
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Are you sure the only thing you updated was AmiKit? Do you have Amiga Forever 2008 or 2009? I am experiencing similar problem and I suspect it's because of the new version of Amiga Forever. The games worked if Amiga Forever 2008 was used to install AmiKit. But somehow it doesn't work with Amiga Foerever 2009. Maybe they have changed something and WHDLoad doesn't support the change? Anyway, I am investigating this issue for several days already.

If you have regular A1200 rom (grabbed from your real hardware, not the Cloanto's one), rename it to kick40068.A1200 and copy it to AmiKit:Devs/Kickstarts folder.
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Cheers Jan, problem solved..did what you said and replaced the Cloanto A1200 rom with a standard one from my real A1200...All the AGA games plus the others work fine now.

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Cannot Run WHDLoad AGA Games After AmiKit Update..Problem Solved

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