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DPint crashes AmiKit

Author Artha Parson
#1 Posted: 5 Oct 2008 03:44 

DPaintIV AGA doesn't like AmiKit!

I run it, it works (with its own related problems though, such as HAM mode not being fully available and so on) but after a while, it crashes the AmiKit, especially when DP / AK are both left unattended and idle and I am working on the pc side.

I am guessing this is more a DPaint related issue since DPaint, although a great and fully Amiga-compatilbe program, does have issues on some Amiga classic setups and configurations.

If I continue working on DPaint while it's running on AmiKit however, it keeps working and everyting is normal; no crashes.


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 5 Oct 2008 10:11 
Interesting. To prevent the crash while the DPaint and AmiKit is idle you can configure WinUAE to pause the emulation while you're working on the PC side. The options can be found in WinUAE/Priority settings.

Author Artha Parson
#3 Posted: 6 Oct 2008 11:03 
Thx for the reply Jan. I'll be doing this from now on to see what happens.


Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 DPint crashes AmiKit

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