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e-uae: fullscreen problems

Author arnljot
#1 Posted: 8 Jul 2008 02:56 
Thread on UAE mailinglist

Here is my original post on the E-UAE mailing list:

I'm using the debian E-UAE package. based on version E-UAE 0.8.29-WIP4

My machine is an AMD Athlon running Ubuntu Hardy Heron, with a ATI (X1600)
card using the propriatary drivers from ATI (catalyst 8.6).

My problem:
If I switch to fullscreen while the emulated amiga is booting (F12+s), I get
a full nice fullscreen amiga, also in the P96 screen in AmiKit.

However, if I F12+s to go back to Ubuntu or use F12+s after AmiKit has
opened a P96 screen I get the following problem:
- Fullscreen is not really fullscreen, it flicks fullscreen for a moment,
but goes back to windowed (uae is faster than uae-sdl at this).
- While EUAE thinks its fullscreened, mouse will not work and I will have to
"go back to windowed" by F12+s to get mouse back.

What debug info can I provide to make the debugging better?

I hope we can sort this out!

Arnljot Arntsen

And here are some details that I included in a follow up:
I think you are right to suspect the boot sequence of AmiKit, since F12+s
works for a while until something is loaded during boot.

In ScreenMode prefs I have the usual uaegfx modes that I'd expect to have.
And I can test them all, only - since I'm already booted I can't swap
between linux and e-uae. Only change modes inside e-uae.

I'm sorry for posting my problem at multiple sites, but I've got good experiences with this forum in the past, and the followup to my post to the mailinglist suggested that I also try it here

Kind regards,

Author arnljot
#2 Posted: 12 Jul 2008 11:51 
This one is now solved.

I disabled compiz, and just use metacity as windowmanager. Then it works.


Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 e-uae: fullscreen problems

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