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Strange behavior after 1.04

Author Anonymous
#1 Posted: 26 Jan 2006 21:07 
I've noticed a few things since I updated to 1.04.

Seems like now if I double click a directory like AmiKit, the window opens, it turns blue and then immidiatly turns grey. And a right click on the mouse brings the menu of the bottom taskbar.

Same thing if I open DirOpus 4, for some reason the taskbar on the bottom becomes the active after I open either DirOpus 4, or a directory.

I don't remember this happening with 1.03.

Is there something that 1.04 changes that I can re-set to a previous setting? Whatever it is, it drives me crazy as it happens over and over.

Like in DirOpus 4, after I click the top of the window and it turns Blue, I open a folder in the dir and then the window goes grey and the taskbar is the active one. I have to click DirOpus and then when I click the dir on the right, it becomes unactive and the taskbar again is active.

I know I'm not clicking the taskbar after I open DirOpus or a hd dir, so why is it acting like I click on the bottom taskbar?

Author Anonymous
#2 Posted: 27 Jan 2006 00:07 
Well, after re-doing everything from scratch, I was able to patch all the way to 1.04 and not have this happen.

Not sure what I did differently, but I don't get that problem now.

Author AmiKit
#3 Posted: 27 Jan 2006 11:31 Edited by: AmiKit 
thanks god you've managed to fix that :) It's very strange behaviour.

Anyway, I assume you must have changed something in AmiStart (taskbar) configuration. This is very easy since the AmiStart saves the changes to its configuration automatically (AUTOSAVE), you know. It seems this taskbar wants to be the only active task, but there should be a way how to disable such a behaviour (in AmiStart prefs), however I am not 100% sure.

If you have any problems with AmiStart, you can always restore its default configuration: AmiKit:Utilities/Expansion/AmiStart/sm.prefs_bak

Author Anonymous
#4 Posted: 27 Jan 2006 21:57 
Well it happened when I had installed Amikit and then patched it up to 1.04 before running it the first time.

When I started over, I ran it first and got 3.9 set up then patched it up to 1.04 and now I don't have that problem.

I don't know which is the proper way to do it, but the way I did it this time seems to work.

Course I guess I could have disabled AmiStart, but I am still undecided on that.

Author AmiKit
#5 Posted: 30 Jan 2006 20:38 
I trieded to install 1.0 plus both updates before runing the AmiKit for the first time and no problem behaviour occured...
ok, once your problem is over, let's consider its cause as a weather-related ;)

Author AmiKit
#6 Posted: 31 Jan 2006 11:31 Edited by: AmiKit 
uff, I experienced the same behaviour yesterday, I was shocked!!! But I managed to find the reason. It's not the weather-related, unfortunately :) It is because of AfA and its new "Faster Icons" feature. Have you installed AfA on your system, don't you remember?

To fix the problem (if AmiStart taskbar is refreshing all the time and steals the active state of all newly opened windows) simply disable the "Show Tasks" feature of AmiStart. Press the right mouse button over the taskbar, select Taskbar Settings -> Task Display -> and untick Show Tasks option.

I have a specific problem with AmiKit AmiKit Support Forum / I have a specific problem with AmiKit / Strange behavior after 1.04 Top
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