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VICE wont work on Amikit

Author swift240
#1 Posted: 19 Feb 2008 14:35 
Hi all,
I can not get any part of VICE to work with Amikit.
I am using the latest version of Amikit and WINAUE.

VICE does nothing what so ever, has any one else got this problem?


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 19 Feb 2008 22:34 
Make sure you have imported the original ROMs to the VICE folder (like it is stated in README file). The ROMs can be found in the original VICE archive at Aminet.

Author swift240
#3 Posted: 21 Feb 2008 13:04 
Yes that's done it, many thanks.


Author liontech2002
#4 Posted: 4 Mar 2008 22:12 

Do you have any problems with the sound tracks on games and demos dropping the frame rate? If not please let me know your setup, as far as CPU, if Amikit is running from an HDF or directory, and what soud hardware you have...

Many thanks, hope you see this...

Peace Eric

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 VICE wont work on Amikit

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