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fd: assign problem in s:user-startup ;BEGIN ShowPatches ... ;END ...

Author nizchka
#1 Posted: 21 Jan 2008 21:15 
In the ShowPatches section from s:User-Startup (Amikit) is a fd assignment which doesn't point to the right directory which prevents the display of the proper FunctionNames.
It should be:

;BEGIN ShowPatches
Assign >NIL: fd: AmiKit:Utilities/ShowPatches/fd
;END ShowPatches

I'm not sure if this is by design. thankx for the great work you did on AmiKit!!! great great work.


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 22 Jan 2008 23:28 Edited by: AmiKit 
You're correct. It's a mistake. Thanks!

I am wondering how can I fix it on users' systems...

Author nizchka
#3 Posted: 3 Feb 2008 00:50 
Short: Amiga stream editor
Uploader: (Thomas Richter)
Author: (Thomas Richter)
Type: util/cli
Version: 40.3
Requires: AmigaOs 3.0 or better

SED takes an input file, checks each line of this file against a pattern supplied on the command line, and generates a new line from this pattern match in the destination. This could either mean that the matching line is removed completely from the output, replaced by a different line, or changed according to the specifications of SED.

SED.lha is the filename. If needed I can send you a copy.

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 3 Feb 2008 00:55 
Thanks. I think I found another solution. Check the user-startup of new AmiKit 1.4.4

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 fd: assign problem in s:user-startup ;BEGIN ShowPatches ... ;END ...

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