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move the workbench down ?

Author turrican3
#1 Posted: 13 Jan 2008 19:36 
last question is it possible to enable the possibility to click on the top of the workbench and move it down ????

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 13 Jan 2008 19:45 
Do you mean the classic feature of moving the front screen down to see what other screen is behind it? I think such a feature in WinUAE works with native AGA screenmodes only, if ever.

Author Xious
#3 Posted: 21 Jan 2008 13:11 
UAE does support it, but you cannot drag screens when using an RTG mode, only with normal Amiga modes. The native AmiKit resolutions are all RTG (Re-Targeted Graphics), via an emulated Picasso video card.

If you want to drag stuff around, switch down to an AGA or ECS resolution, and pay the price in pixels or color depth.

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 move the workbench down ?

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