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Author cd32fan
#1 Posted: 3 Jan 2007 01:17 Edited by: cd32fan 
Amigift is probably the only program i canīt get to work on Amikit,iīve tried several times,but it simply wonīt start.Has anyone managed to start Amigift?

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 3 Jan 2007 01:24 
samo79 from has suggested to include latest AmiGift 2.0 beta into AmiKit. He also said it works quite stable, but I don't know whether he meant stable in AmiKit environment.

Anyway, here's the latest beta.

Have you tried it?

Author cd32fan
#3 Posted: 3 Jan 2007 02:06 Edited by: cd32fan 
I tried it,but i doesnīt work.
It keeps asking for the amigift.library,but i already installed it!

Author alanwall
#4 Posted: 4 Jan 2007 20:06 
did you try using snoopdos to see any other problems or if its looking in another place for it ?

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /

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