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Where can I buy Amikit X Real Vamperized edition and can I request couple of modifications in it?

Author xboxown
#1 Posted: 21 Aug 2018 19:01 
I have Amiga 500 with V500 V2 it have RTG support and I installed Amikit Vampire Real for my Amiga 500. I like it and I want to buy AmiKit X real for Vamperized. I have couple of question:

A) Where can I buy AmiKit X Real Vamperized edition (so I can upgrade it to the latest version)?
B) Is it possible I can use MUI 3.8 or MUI 3.9 edition instead of MUI 5? The reason I am asking is because MUI 5 is too much for a V2 (I need to wait for faster Vampire hardware in order to use MUI5). If I buy AmiKit X Real Vamperized can I request to do some modifications to AmiKit X?
C) Is it possible I can disable DOPUS in the configuration setting? Those two things are the only things I wish to modify in AmiKit X real...everything else I am happy and content.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 21 Aug 2018 19:16 
Hi and thank you for your interest in AmiKit X.

A) At the moment there is no Vampirized version of AmiKit X. We're still waiting for Vampire 1200 so we can make a special version for this piece of hardware. (There is only AKReal9 - an unofficial conversion of AmiKit 8 for real Amiga - which you are probably using now.).

B) In AmiKit X there is a button which switches to MUI3.8 and back easily. In older AmiKit versions you probably need to uninstall MUI5 and install MUI3.8 instead.

C) Again, in AmiKit X there is a single button for it. In older versions there might be a button too (check MorpheuZ program), or simply check startup-sequence. LoadDB command loads DOPus, LoadWB command loads Workbench. If there is LoadWB and your AmiKit still loads DOpus, then copy original LoadWB command to AmiKit:C folder.

Author Lord
#3 Posted: 12 Sep 2018 11:58 
Why wait for the A1200? There are enough to use the A500 / A2000 and A600. There are nearly 3000 V2 vampire cards in circulation for these systems. Your focus should be on these users

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 12 Sep 2018 12:07 Edited by: AmiKit 

please note that I don't have any real Amiga hardware at the moment. I focus on emulation for about 15 years and AmiKit is the result of this focus.

If my wife approves one more computer in our household, I would prefer the new standalone V1200 system. I believe that Vampirized AmiKit born on such system will also be compatible with all those current Vampire cards out there.

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Where can I buy Amikit X Real Vamperized edition and can I request couple of modifications in it?

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