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Install virtual mouse driver option grayed out

Author blueapples
#1 Posted: 28 Mar 2018 19:48 
I am trying to resolve the issue with erratic mouse movement when using AmiKit on WinUAE via remote desktop. It looks like the way to solve this is to enable the option "Install virtual mouse driver" under WinUAE settings > Host > Game Ports. However, this option is grayed out for me.

I seem to recall it being available once, but none of the preset configs allow me to select it anymore.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 28 Mar 2018 19:51 Edited by: AmiKit 

as far as I remember you cannot change such settings while the emulation is running.

Start AmiKit launcher and select Configure button. The WinUAE windows will show up. The option should not be greyed out in this case. At least it isn't here.

Author blueapples
#3 Posted: 28 Mar 2018 20:51 
Awesome! That seems to have solved the problem. I have a few other issues but I am going to try to solve those before posting again if needed. Thank you so much!

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Install virtual mouse driver option grayed out

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